Meet the Nexford team

Here's a snapshot of our exceptionally talented team.

We're based in the US, our headquarters are in Washington DC, our teams work remotely from many countries across the world.

We're driven by six core values


A revolutionary university with a startup mentality, led by an entrepreneurial team.


An exemplary faculty with 82 years’ combined experience. Licensed in the US, we’re building reputable partnerships with forward-thinking organizations.


We're striving to transform higher education with a future-focused education model that evolves with employer demands.


We aim to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners access to high-quality, affordable education.


We stand out with a courageous attitude and a shared drive to guide learners on their journey to success: whatever their dreams may be.


First-class faculty and learning that resembles reality. We blend intelligent technology and human expertise to create an unforgettable experience.

Meet some of our faculty

Faculty are responsible for providing subject matter expertise to support program development and to support and assess learner learning. Faculty are responsible for mentoring, coaching and advising learners for academic success. Faculty are responsible for remaining fully engaged with learners providing them with individualized and substantive feedback. Faculty are responsible for staying current in the scholarship and practice of their field(s) of study. Faculty are expected to serve on various NXU committees, and provide input to course design and revision(s) to the Program Director. Final decisions on these matters are made by the CAO.


  • Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla

    Chief Academic Officer

    Known for passion about conveying the value of higher education

    • PhD, Interdisciplinary Engineering, Texas A&M University
    • MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla is Nexford’s chief academic officer. She has more than two decades of academic leadership experience serving institutions of higher education across the US, Latin America and Europe.

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    She led various National Science Foundation research projects, designed and implemented an innovative engineering curriculum for the Texas A&M University System, directed graduate programs for leading institutions in online learning such as Capella University and Walden University, and implemented innovative academic systems for universities throughout Latin America. Her ability to optimize academic systems has contributed to the digital transformation of more than a dozen universities in the Americas. This experience has exposed her to numerous educational models where she has created a unique academic operations model that promotes optimization while exceeding quality standards each and every time.

  • Lileth Gonzales

    Assistant Professor

    Known for having a good work ethic

    • MS, Entrepreneurship, De La Salle University
    • BS, Commerce, De La Salle Lipa

    Lileth has twelve years of relevant management experience in the financial service industry and teaching competency in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management. She is a Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT) in the Philippines. Currently, she is taking her PhD in Management from the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

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    She has worked at the University of Batangas, the Philippines, as program head of BS Business Administration, and has significant experience in the business world. She is a member of professional organizations such as the Council of Deans and Educators of Business (CODEB) and the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE).

    In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, playing badminton and writing.

  • Dr. Robin Johnston

    VP of Academic Innovation

    Known for mentoring and competency-based education expertise

    • EdD, Organizational Leadership, Argosy University
    • MS, Human Resource Development, Towson University

    Dr. Robin Johnston serves as Nexford’s vice president of academic innovation and learning design. Throughout her career, Dr. Johnston has held executive leadership positions in higher education, human resources, and healthcare. Prior to joining Nexford full time, Dr. Johnston worked as a consultant for the university.

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    Her past experience includes the director of academic innovation for McGraw Hill Higher Education and associate dean for business at Excelsior College. She has served as dean, associate dean, program chair, professor, instructional designer, adjunct instructor for various online and traditional institutions and mentor for the Online Learning Consortium. Dr Johnston lives in Venice, Florida and holds an EdD in Organizational Leadership, an MS in Human Resource Development and Management, a BA in Psychology, and is a certified job and career transition coach.

  • Dr. Debbie Wilson

    Visiting Professor

    Known for making difficult topics easy to understand

    • DMgt, Global Leadership, Colorado Technical University
    • MBA, Regis University
    • MS, Accounting, Liberty University

    Dr. Debbie Wilson is a core member of Nexford’s expert faculty. She has 26 years’ professional and academic experience working in various accounting positions primarily in the construction and real estate industries. In addition, Dr. Wilson was a global analyst for a national financial company with a team housed in Dubai and India.

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    Before this, she earned her Doctorate of Management in Global Leadership from Colorado Technical University, MBA from Regis University and MS in Accounting from Liberty University. She has experience in teaching online and onground, the courses she teaches include accounting, management, marketing, finance, international business, economics, and general education. Dr Wilson also develops university courses, and mentors newly hired instructors for various colleges and universities.

  • Cornelis Coetzee

    Associate Professor

    Known for innovative and progressive thinking

    • BTech Public Relations Management
    • MTech Marketing

    Cornelis Coetzee, born and educated in South Africa, has had a career spanning more than 25 years, working in both industry and academia. In 2012, he won the Faculty of Management Lecturer of Year Award at the Tshwane University of Technology, and is currently working on his PhD Business Management at Nelson Mandela University.

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    Cornelis has experience in both contact session, online and distance education. Cornelis also worked as a lecturer at several South African education institutions as well as in the private sector including Toyota SA, First National Bank and Eskom. He is an accomplished course content developer with a wide range of topics/subjects to his credit. He is a member of a variety of professional body’s including; Digital Media & Marketing Association, Southern African Institute of Management Scientists, European Marketing Academy, and the Marketing Association of South Africa. His research interests focus on the development of online business strategies, specifically marketing strategies.

  • Nicolene de Wet du Toit

    Teaching Assistant

    Known for making the impossible, possible

    • BA Industrial Sociology
    • ETDP Education Training Development Practices

    Nicolene has 25 years of ongoing study and educational experience in several industries. These industries range from; Guidance to Business leaders for Strategic Management, Managers, Educators and Study Guides; Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Academic mentoring; Consultant to the Government teaching the South African Constitution to local Politicians and Administrators.

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    Nicolene’s strengths involve the translation of complex topics for individuals and groups. Her main focus is contextualizing learning and then guiding the implementation and application of it. More importantly, helping the individual understand how it will benefit their career and future. Nicolene also specializes in developing people to reach a fine balance between critical thinking and teamwork.

  • Dr. JoAnna Shore

    Associate Professor in Academic

    Known for being a lifetime learner

    • Doctor of Business Administration, Argosy University
    • Master of Data Analytics, Maryland University College
    • Master of Business Administration and Computer Science, Frostburg State University

    Dr. JoAnna Shore, serving as an Associate Professor in Academia, has more than 23 years of experience in higher education. She has taught in several higher education institutions including Frostburg State University, Bowie State University, and Allegany Community College.

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    Her expertise is in Management of Information Systems, however, she has taught a variety of courses including MS Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Introduction to Business, Principles of Management, Data Analytics, E-commerce, Leadership, and International Business and more. She holds a Master Certification in Data Analytics.

  • Creselda Jane Ebba

    Teaching Assistant

    Known for human resource and language expertise

    • BSBA Marketing Management, University of the Cordilleras
    • Master in Business Administration, University of the Cordilleras

    Cres has more than 7 years of industry experience, with a specialization in human resource management.

    She is certified in conducting targeted selection interviews and language assessments. With a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management, she pursued her MBA in the University of the Cordilleras-Philippines. In the same institution, she began her career in the academe as an instructor.

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    Her experience expands from customer service, compliance, administrative management, labor relations, to organizational development.

    Outside work, Cres is passionate about travelling and sustainable living. She advocates for mental health and women's rights.

  • Dr. Michael B. Rodriguez

    Teaching Assistant

    Known for training facilitation and public speaking

    • Master in Business Administration, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines
    • Doctor of Business Administration, Lyceum of the Philippines University

    Dr. Michael B. Rodriguez is a scholar in the field of business, a well-versed researcher, international resource speaker, and a dedicated professor. He has over 5 years of experience in the Higher Education industry. He was the Program Head of BS Business Administration, Assistant Professor, and Faculty Researcher in one of the Philippines’ top universities.

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    Dr. Rodriguez earned his Doctor of Business Administration Degree in the Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas, Philippines with Academic Excellence Award in 2017; his Master in Business Administration in the same University in 2014.

    With his strong intellectual and practical foundation on business, research, and education, tagged with his determination and work ethics, Dr. Rodriguez continues to improve his craft by establishing links with national and international organizations.

  • Dr. Emmanuel Dotong

    Teaching Assistant

    Known for being a young polymath

    • Doctor of Business Administration, Colegio de San Juan de Letran
    • Master in Business Administration, Colegio de Dagupan
    • Post – Baccalaureate in ASEAN Studies, University of the Philippines
    • BS Hospitality Management, University of the Cordilleras

    Emmanuel is a Certified Microsoft Educator with an interdisciplinary background in business, hospitality, and international studies. He has more than seven years of combined managerial practice in the industry, academe, and NGO.

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    As an educator, he served as department chair, research chair, faculty researcher, and student-exchange program lecturer teaching international students from several universities in Germany, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

    He has also worked as a sales and marketing manager, a freelance graphics designer, a social media manager, and a service quality manager in a hospitality-related company. Emmanuel is a founder of Zelery, a fresh produce e-commerce company situated in the Philippines. He also serves as an international director for education & research in an international socio-civic organization and a marketing communications officer in a professional marketing association.

  • Dr. Greg Harms

    Visiting Professor

    Known for psychology and business expertise

    • Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology and Organizational Development, Adler School of Professional Psychology
    • MBA, Keller Graduate School of Management
    • MS in Mental Health Counseling, Capella University

    Dr. Harms has a dual background in psychology and business. He has worked in a number of behavioral health organizations in the Midwest United States providing psychological services to clients as well as acting in leadership and administrative capacities. Dr. Harms also works in private practice as a health psychologist and organizational consultant.

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    As a licensed psychologist in multiple states, Dr. Harms specializes in providing psychological treatment for chronic health conditions, assessing for ADHD and other cognitive impairments, and providing supervision to post-graduate mental health professionals seeking licensure.

    As an organizational consultant, Dr. Harms works with leaders and employees within both non-profit and for-profit companies to align businesses processes with the organizational mission, increase employee engagement, and maximize business income.

    Dr. Harms also has extensive teaching experience working with undergraduate and graduate students in business and psychology programs. Dr. Harms has taught economics, management, marketing, and accounting and finance since 2006 and has worked with graduate students to complete their research capstone requirements. He has consulted on multiple doctoral dissertations and supervises doctoral psychology students as they learn how to provide clinical psychological services. Dr. Harms has also taught as an adjunct in local substance abuse counseling training programs and presented to multiple community organizations. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the relationship between perceived ethical climate and employee engagement in HIV/AIDS service organizations in the United States.

    Currently, Dr. Harms lives in Chicago, IL (USA).

  • Caroline Fernandez

    Writing Coach

    Known for a fascination with language

    • B.A. Language and International, Trade-Clemson University
    • M.A. German, University of Florida

    Caroline’s experience includes living and teaching in Doha, Qatar at an international school, instructing K-12 and university students in German, and leading the ESL program for several large elementary, middle and high schools in the U.S.

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    She currently lives in Gig Harbor, WA which is just South of Seattle in the U.S. Her interests are in reading, dog rescue, and in travel.

  • Dr. Emilsen Holguin

    Visiting Professor

    Known for transforming dreams into plans

    • Doctor of Business Administration, Leadership. Walden University
    • Master of Business Administration, Excelsior College
    • Bachelors of Sciences, Excelsior College
    • Institute for Management and Leadership in Education, Harvard University

    Dr. Holguin combines professional and academic experience. She brings over 15 years of experience in the banking and fashion industry. Her expertise includes helping startups to develop their strategies and business plans. In addition, Dr. Holguin has served as a business consultant in areas related to organizational culture and business strategy.

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    Dr. Holguin is a passionate advocate for online learning. She has held various senior roles in higher education institutions, among them associate provost for student services and assistant provost for academic operations. She has served as a leader for higher education regional accreditation reviews and manage state registrations of over 30-degree programs.

    Her research interest is human behavior in the workplace. Dr. Holguin has 10 years of teaching experience. She has taught leadership, organizational behavior and management.

  • Dr. Kathleen Hargiss

    Visiting Professor

    Known for dedication to academic excellence

    • PhD, University of South Florida
    • MBA, University of Miami
    • MA, Northwestern University

    Dr. Kathleen Hargiss has been involved in course facilitation and design for numerous online universities for the past twenty-years. Educationally, Dr. Hargiss earned a Ph.D. from the University of South Florida where she also completed Post-Doctoral studies in Technology, MBA from the University of Miami, M.A. from Northwestern University and Post Graduate studies in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    Dr. Hargiss also completed specializations in International Studies and Management Information Systems. To date, she has mentored 488 Doctoral Dissertations and served on 411 Committees. For the past ten years, Dr. Hargiss served as a Co-Chief Editor for the International Journal Strategic Information Technology Applications (IJSITA).

  • Aletta De Winter

    Teaching Assistant

    Known for turning problems into passions

    • B. Mus Performance
    • Master of Business Administration

    Aletta de Winter has 40 years’ experience in education and training. This has been divided between working in the world of business as well as in music. In 1991 Aletta completed her MBA and started working in research, followed by working as Marketing Manager as well as Training Manager, Assessor and Moderator in various industries. Her career has taken her to the USA as well as the UK.

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    While fulfilling her responsibilities in Management roles, she has maintained her career as a musician and music teacher. By combining music, singing and art with business during teamwork sessions, is one of her trademarks. Many an attendant at these programs were amazed at their own ability to test these new waters and being successful.

    As a musician Aletta worked as a teacher and performer as well as conductor for many successful choirs. She has participated in the first International Piano Competition held in South Africa. Currently she supports and guides less advantage children with the joy of learning more about various styles of music.

  • Dr. Michael Johnson

    Visiting Professor

    Known for nuclear and academic expertise

    • BS in Sociology, University of the State of New York, Albany, NY
    • BS in Nuclear Engineering Technology, Excelsior College, Albany, NY
    • MS in Management, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
    • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

    Dr. Johnson has 40 years’ professional and academic experience working in various businesses, primarily in the nuclear and academic industries. Dr. Johnson’s academics began in 2013 as an online instructor. Dr. Johnson teaches a variety of courses, including an MBA leadership course, thermodynamics, nuclear regulation and rules, nuclear plant systems, and reactor core fundamentals.

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    Additionally, Dr. Johnson develops university courses for Nexford University and other colleges. Dr. Johnson’s doctorate focused on organizational leadership and he has researched nuclear leadership. He has presented research to the International Atomic Energy Association and the American Nuclear Society.

    Currently, Dr. Johnson lives in Baldwinsville, NY (USA).

  • Dr. Nicholas Bucciarelli

    Visiting Professor

    Known for Artificial Intelligence and Automation

    • BA History, Saint John Fisher College
    • MS in Software Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology
    • MBA in Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology

    Dr. Bucciarelli has over 47 years of professional experience that spans both the public and private sectors relative to the research and development of advanced technologies and supporting methods across multiple industries that involved managing diverse and large product teams. He is currently a Senior Lead Cloud Architect for Artificial Intelligence Development Operations at Unisys Corporation.

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    In parallel to this experience and his current position with Unisys, is his mentoring at the collegiate level for Cornell University as an Instructor for eCornell and a Senior Fellow for Systems and Software Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to this role with Cornell University, he taught for Penn State, Syracuse, Saint John Fisher College, State University of New York, Columbia School of Medicine, Elmira College, and provided workshops to several branches of the military relative to cybersecurity requirements to prevent SQL Injection attacks, deploy artificial neural-networks, configure cryptographic modules, and develop enterprise-wide security architecture models that span a four-tier systems architecture model.

    Dr. Bucciarelli is a a results-driven technologist with proven success in building and leading global teams of technical professionals in designing, developing, implementing and innovating data and security enterprise technologies and infrastructures. He is am adept at solving complex technical problems and leading innovation in Information Technology projects related to the Department of Defense (DoD), CENTCOM, National Security Agency (NSA), US Military Branches, etc., while working for Oracle, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Eastman Kodak as well as doing work in these areas for several Federal Civilian Agencies such as GSA, FDA, IRS, etc.

  • Steve Jobe

    Visiting Professor

    Known for inspiring students to become lifelong learners

    • BA, Business Economics, Wofford College
    • Ed, Secondary History, Oglethorpe University
    • MEd, Secondary Social Studies, Converse College
    • MLA, History, Converse College

    Steve Jobe brings a wealth of experience to Nexford University. For the past 25 years, he has taught and mentored students in high school and university in United States History, World History, European History, Human Geography, American Government, and Comparative Government.

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    Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Mr. Jobe’s academic journey began at Wofford College (South Carolina) where he earned a BA in Business Economics with the assistance of a basketball scholarship. He received his teaching certification in Secondary History at Oglethorpe University (Georgia) and two Masters degrees in Secondary Social Studies and History from Converse College (South Carolina).

    As an advocate of local history, Mr. Jobe has written 12 young adult books on Spartanburg, South Carolina history, which are distributed in the local school districts. He possesses a passion for presidential history and political campaigns, as well as having extensive experience in sports, as a player and coach at the collegiate and high school levels.

    Mr. Jobe resides on Saint Simons Island, Georgia with his wife and two teenagers.

Meet our administrators

Nexford University’s academic administrators are committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of the institution. Along with their passion for education, they all bring many years of experience in the design and delivery of higher education in local and global settings.


  • Dr. Lori Ellingford

    Director of Course Development

    Known for thoroughness, and being helpful

    • PhD, Educational Psychology, Arizona State University
    • MEd, Counseling - Human Relations, Northern Arizona University

    Nexford University’s Director of Course Development, Lori Ellingford, has 21 years of experience in course design, creation, and program delivery in both the K-12 and higher education sectors, working in management and leadership roles for 10 of those years.

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    Ellingford is a certified advanced online facilitator, has taught online bachelors and masters courses for 12 years, and taught face-to-face bachelors, masters, and doctorate courses for six years at both public and private, for-profit and non-profit universities and trade schools. Ellingford earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Psychology (specializing in Cognition & Learning) from Arizona State University and a Master of Education in Counseling (Human Resources) from Northern Arizona University.

  • Marquettia Bivens

    Registrar & Admissions, Manager

    Known for helping students achieve their educational and career goals

    Marquettia Bivens is Nexford University's Registrar & Admissions, Manager. She has over 12 years of experience in serving, supporting, and helping students achieve their educational and career goals globally.

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    She has earned her bachelor’s degree in Technical Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has worked as an Associate Director of Admissions and Registrar Operations. Marquettia has been a member with AACRAO for many years throughout her higher education career and served on the Student Success Workgroup.

A snapshot of our Success Advisors

Support from the get-go. Nexford’s success team plays a vital role in your success by offering continual advice on academic programs, career development and policies, Success Advisors provide a layer of personal support. They help you overcome obstacles and drive you in the right direction to meet your career objectives.

Success Advisors

  • Jaymiebeth Jose

    Success Advisor

    Known for people skills

    Jaymiebeth Jose is responsible for providing highly engaged, student-centered support for learners. She is a licensed Psychometrician and has experience working as a school counselor. Jaymie’s personal philosophy comes from the Humanistic Perspective, and she works with her clients using a holistic lens of human understanding and experience.

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    As a mental health advocate, her greatest passion is to help people overcome hurdles in order to reach their full potential. When she isn’t supporting and mentoring learners, you can find her playing with her cats, singing, playing musical instruments, watching movies and traveling.

  • Lea Presnedi

    Success Advisor

    Known for being fashionable and friendly

    Lea Presnedi is passionate about helping learners reach their goals. She has an undergraduate degree in communication arts with a marketing major, and is currently taking her masters degree in language and literacy education.

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    She has experience in online language teaching, customer service and business administration. In her spare time, Lea likes playing sports and reading books.

  • Trisha Roque

    Learner Success Manager

    Known for guiding learners towards success

    Trisha Roque is based in the Philippines and works as Nexford’s learner success manager. Her background in higher education and business administration gives her the experience she needs to aid learners on their educational journey to successful careers.

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    She finds joy in learning about people’s passions in life as well as traveling. For over seven years, she has performed different roles in the academic world. Trisha holds a bachelor's degree in tourism management, a master’s degree in business administration, and she is currently studying her master’s degree in counseling for mental health and wellness.

  • Gera Cortez

    Success Advisor

    Known for being passionate

    Gera Cortez is responsible for providing learner-centered support in line with Nexford policies. She is an advocate of sustainable development, the environment, and quality education. With education, she has previously worked with universities, academic officials, educators, and students.

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    Her passion to promote sustainable communities and transform active global citizens inspires her to enjoy interactive discussions and meaningful engagements with everyone she encounters. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and taking in the beauty of nature.

  • Lisette Ann Tan

    Success Advisor

    Known for being outgoing and assertive

    Lian Tan has been an educator for almost five years. She is a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from De La Salle University, and has received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Santo Tomas University, Philippines.

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    She has experience handling teaching, working in both the primary and secondary education industry. She also has experience in counseling, and mentoring sessions for various age groups, focusing on the learner’s academic and mental well-being.

  • Alleyn Ford

    Success Advisor

    Known for being compassionate, gregarious, and a jet setter

    Alleyn has years of experience helping students choose the right university abroad, pushing them to achieve their full potential and maximize their skill set. She has received a degree in BSc (Hons) Communication from Northumbria University.

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    Alleyn has also taken a course in counseling which has contributed to the ease at which students feel comfortable with her. She is based in Manila, but you might just stumble upon her on the other side of the world, given her passion for travel.

  • Angelbert Hernandez

    Success Advisor

    Known for love of learning and exploring life

    Angelbert "Angel" Hernandez is a licensed professional teacher, a registered guidance counselor, and a registered psychometrician by profession. He also holds certifications on being a Certified Human Resource Professional, Certified Human Resource Associate, and Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt. He also completed the 120-Hour TESOL certification and the Filipino Sign Language Learning Program.

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    Most of his career, he has been involved in the field of academe and had even given an opportunity to hold administrative positions. He has also been in the counseling practice for almost ten years and had catered different populations from primary, secondary, tertiary, adult education, and special target groups. His research interest is about counseling, career guidance, human resources, and LGBT rights. On a personal note, he loves to date himself, to travel, and to try different life adventures.

  • Camille Rivera

    Success Advisor

    Known for being bold, determined, and a goal setter

    Camille Rivera is a Professional Licensed Teacher and she studied Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She believes that being a teacher does not isolate oneself in a four-cornered classroom, it is a matter of passion—and her passion is to provide learners’ need—whether it is a formal lesson or a life lesson.

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    With this philosophy in education, she had two years teaching various subjects to the learners from Junior to Senior High. She also taught English as Secondary Language to kids from an Asian Country. During her spare time, she feeds her soul through reading books, binge-watching and of course making sure that she bonds with her family.

  • Cedie Villaseñor

    Success Advisor

    Known for energy and customer focus

    • BA Marketing Management at Global Reciprocal Colleges, Caloocan City
    • Masters in Business Administration, University of the City of Manila

    Cedie is a high-spirited and customer service-oriented individual, with experience working in a multi-cultural university set-up. He is able to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners coming from different walks of life. With his experiences, he developed into a character who genuinely cares for his clients by providing consistently high quality service.

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    Outside of his professional activities, he likes spending time with his family, music and movies.

Admissions team at a glance

Our Admissions team helps you take the first steps on your Nexford journey. They uphold Nexford's values and celebrate fairness, diversity and differences. They ensure you have the right skills, tools, and mindset to maximize your potential. And they provide clear, simple guidance: right from the start.


  • Tari Diete-Spiff

    Admission Officer

    Known for building people up

    Ayebatari Diete-Spiff is a success advisor at Nexford, based in Nigeria. She has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and two master’s degrees in both chemical and petroleum engineering.

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    Before entering the world of higher education, she worked as a trading operations specialist and a project manager. She is a determined hard worker with excellent interpersonal skills and thoroughly enjoys working as part of a team. When Ayebatari isn’t guiding and assisting the learners at Nexford, she enjoys watching movies, reading, traveling and researching.

  • Sandra Honorio

    Admission Officer

    Known for doing, not trying

    As Admissions Officer, Sandra makes it her mission to inspire confidence in learners so they can graduate with practical skills they need. She values thoughtfulness and strives to make our learners feel valued, every step of the way.

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    In her previous role, Sandra oversaw recruitment, admission and enrollment operations at Mapua University in the Philippines. She holds a BA (Psychology), and is a MS Clinical Psychology candidate and De La Salle University. Outside of work, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading novels and binge-watching Netflix series.

A snapshot of our senior leaders

The driving force behind Nexford’s vision, strategy and lightning pace execution. Our senior leaders support the team to build next-generation learning experiences you won't find anywhere else.

Senior Leaders

  • Fadl Al Tarzi

    Chief Executive Officer

    Known for having a unique vision

    Fadl founded Nexford University in 2018, with a vision to enable greater social and economic mobility through high-quality, affordable education. His vision stemmed from years of doing business in more than 10 emerging markets, where he witnessed how lack of access to affordable, high-quality education impacts societies across the world.

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    Fadl became an entrepreneur at 18, and has accumulated 17 years’ experience founding digital marketing startups and SaaS, leading award winning digital engagement strategies and leading digital transformations. Cumulatively, his startups have raised over $10 million in growth capital and employ more than 500 people globally. Under News Group International, he launched and grew SOCIALEYEZ from two to more than 120 people globally. He has worked with Fortune 500s, global consumer brands such as Starbucks, and governments in the US, Europe and MENA regions. Fadl has lived in Cairo, Paris, Washington DC, Dubai and London. He holds a BBA from the American University in Cairo and management degrees from George Washington and Middlesex Universities.

  • Francis Ali

    Global Finance Director

    Known for being calm, analytical and intuitive

    Francis Ali supports the global team to implement effective financial planning processes, drive profitability, and fundamentally ensure the financial strategies support the broader business objectives.

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    He brings more than 20 years’ experience in international, growth-oriented organizations, rotating through multiple roles within the finance function: controlling, treasury, change management, financial planning and analysis and business unit finance. Before joining Nexford, he worked in several dynamic, customer-focused senior roles, such as vice president of finance, head of finance, financial controller and risk manager in a number of sectors, including financial services, technology, recruitment, B2C/B2B and ecommerce. Francis holds a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

  • Paul Coleman

    Chief Technology Officer

    Known for tenacity

    Paul Coleman is the chief technology officer at Nexford. His career began at Microsoft in Seattle, building the Microsoft Office products. After Microsoft, he held a senior leadership position in telecommunications in Bermuda – his home country – responsible for corporate and retail strategies.

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    Paul then spent five years at a fintech startup, followed by a move to the UK and a startup aimed at disintermediating the recruitment industry in the country. Paul has an MBA and a computer science undergraduate degree with honors from Cornell University. He has two teenage children, and outside of work is often found on a tennis court.

  • Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla

    Chief Academic Officer

    Known for passion about conveying the value of higher education

    • PhD, Interdisciplinary Engineering, Texas A&M University
    • MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla is Nexford’s chief academic officer. She has more than two decades of academic leadership experience serving institutions of higher education across the US, Latin America and Europe.

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    She led various National Science Foundation research projects, designed and implemented an innovative engineering curriculum for the Texas A&M University System, directed graduate programs for leading institutions in online learning such as Capella University and Walden University, and implemented innovative academic systems for universities throughout Latin America. Her ability to optimize academic systems has contributed to the digital transformation of more than a dozen universities in the Americas. This experience has exposed her to numerous educational models where she has created a unique academic operations model that promotes optimization while exceeding quality standards each and every time.

  • Victoria Rusnac

    Director of Marketing

    Known for positivity

    Victoria Rusnac is the director of marketing at Nexford. Originally from Moldova, Victoria began her career in FMCG with Nestlé, where she managed an assortment of popular brands, including Nescafé, KitKat, and Nesquik. She then moved on to working in telecommunications in the UK, leading on the marketing strategy, customer acquisition and the retention of millions of customers.

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    After her Executive MBA at London Business School, Victoria sought a more meaningful career and started working in startups focusing on digital experience, performance marketing and scaling the operations.

  • Lilibeth Tello

    HR Manager

    Known for people and team building

    Lilibeth Tello is Nexford’s human resources (HR) manager. Her love of writing led her to pursue a career in journalism before she landed her first HR job, which focused on training, development, and general HR. She is certified in Six Sigma (Green Belt) and project management, and has been in the people management field for 10 years.

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    She is well-versed in general HR with expertise in leadership and organization development, global mobility, HR systems, data management, employee relations, and HR transformation. Before joining Nexford, she was with Ernst & Young leading the talent shared services’ core HR team in the Philippines as the core HR process manager.

Meet some of our Technology team

AI-based learning starts here. We innovate smart tech solutions that drive success.


  • Paul Coleman

    Chief Technology Officer

    Known for tenacity

    Paul Coleman is the chief technology officer at Nexford. His career began at Microsoft in Seattle, building the Microsoft Office products. After Microsoft, he held a senior leadership position in telecommunications in Bermuda – his home country – responsible for corporate and retail strategies.

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    Paul then spent five years at a fintech startup, followed by a move to the UK and a startup aimed at disintermediating the recruitment industry in the country. Paul has an MBA and a computer science undergraduate degree with honors from Cornell University. He has two teenage children, and outside of work is often found on a tennis court.

  • Hesham Alaa

    IT Support Manager

    Known for being organized and people development

    Hesham has 14 years of IT experience in global and multinational organizations, and has worked across technical, operations and project management functions. He joined Nexford to work in a place with a social mission.

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    He’s passionate about education and people development and loves to find meaning in everything he does.

  • Lesh Sutula

    Product Manager

    Known for learning something new every day

    Lesh brings his passion for education and skills in marketing and technology to help build Nexford from the ground up. He believes opportunity isn’t evenly distributed, and is inspired by the opportunity to help people who can't access or afford quality education.

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    Before Nexford, Lesh worked at Google on an elearning platform that taught the fundamentals of digital marketing. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Machine Design, Master of Management, and a Postgraduate diploma in Pedagogy with teaching credentials. In his spare time, Lesh invests in the stock market, and enjoys cycling, reading and listening to podcasts (mostly about business, but sometimes the odd detective story too!).

  • Ursula Grover

    Product Manager

    Known for asking a lot of questions

    After working to enhance the digital tools at the University of Southampton alongside her studies, Ursula has continued to thrive in the educational sector since graduation, and is currently the project manager at Nexford.

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    Ursula’s pursuit of a career in education began at Cengage, as an academic publisher. More recently, she has worked at Instructure, introducing institutions across the world to the Canvas platform. Outside of education and tech, she enjoys exploring London, and getting her hands on some last minute theatre tickets.

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