Meet the Nexford team

Here's a snapshot of our exceptionally talented team.

We are in Washington DC, and our teams work remotely from many countries across the world.


We're driven by six core values


A revolutionary university with a startup mentality, led by an entrepreneurial team.


An exemplary faculty with 82 years’ combined experience. Licensed in the US, we’re building reputable partnerships with forward-thinking organizations.


We're striving to transform higher education with a future-focused education model that evolves with employer demands.


We aim to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners access to high-quality, affordable education.


We stand out with a courageous attitude and a shared drive to guide learners on their journey to success: whatever their dreams may be.


First-class faculty and learning that resembles reality. We blend intelligent technology and human expertise to create an unforgettable experience.

Meet some of our faculty

Our faculty are responsible for providing subject matter expertize to support program development and assess student learning. They are also responsible for mentoring, coaching and advising learners for academic success, remain fully engaged with learners by providing them with individual and substantive feedback, and are responsible for staying current in the scholarship and practice of their field(s) of study. As importantly, our faculty serve on various NXU committees, and provide input to course design and revision(s) to the Program Director. Final decisions on these matters are made by the CAO.


  • Faculty and Technology Coordinator

    Creselda Jane Ebba

    Faculty and Technology Coordinator

    Known for human resource and language expertise

    • BSBA Marketing Management, University of the Cordilleras
    • Master in Business Administration, University of the Cordilleras

    Cres has more than 7 years of industry experience, with a specialization in human resource management.

    She is certified in conducting targeted selection interviews and language assessments. With a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management, she pursued her MBA in the University of the Cordilleras-Philippines. In the same institution, she began her career in the academe as an instructor.

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    Her experience expands from customer service, compliance, administrative management, labor relations, to organizational development.

    Outside work, Cres is passionate about travelling and sustainable living. She advocates for mental health and women's rights.

  • Teaching Faculty

    Dr. Michael B. Rodriguez

    Teaching Faculty

    Known for training facilitation and public speaking

    • Master in Business Administration, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines
    • Doctor of Business Administration, Lyceum of the Philippines University

    Dr. Michael B. Rodriguez is a scholar in the field of business, a well-versed researcher, international resource speaker, and a dedicated professor. He has over 5 years of experience in the Higher Education industry. He was the Program Head of BS Business Administration, Assistant Professor, and Faculty Researcher in one of the Philippines’ top universities.

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    Dr. Rodriguez earned his Doctor of Business Administration Degree in the Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas, Philippines with Academic Excellence Award in 2017; his Master in Business Administration in the same University in 2014.

    With his strong intellectual and practical foundation on business, research, and education, tagged with his determination and work ethics, Dr. Rodriguez continues to improve his craft by establishing links with national and international organizations.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Emmanuel Dotong

    Associate Faculty

    Known for being a young polymath

    • Doctor of Business Administration, Colegio de San Juan de Letran
    • Master in Business Administration, Colegio de Dagupan
    • Post – Baccalaureate in ASEAN Studies, University of the Philippines
    • BS Hospitality Management, University of the Cordilleras

    Emmanuel is a Certified Microsoft Educator with an interdisciplinary background in business, hospitality, and international studies. He has more than seven years of combined managerial practice in the industry, academe, and NGO.

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    As an educator, he served as department chair, research chair, faculty researcher, and student-exchange program lecturer teaching international students from several universities in Germany, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

    He has also worked as a sales and marketing manager, a freelance graphics designer, a social media manager, and a service quality manager in a hospitality-related company. Emmanuel is a founder of Zelery, a fresh produce e-commerce company situated in the Philippines. He also serves as an international director for education & research in an international socio-civic organization and a marketing communications officer in a professional marketing association.

  • Writing Coach/Teaching Faculty

    Caroline Fernandez

    Writing Coach/Teaching Faculty

    Known for a fascination with language

    • B.A. Language and International, Trade-Clemson University
    • M.A. German, University of Florida
    • ESL Certified

    Caroline’s experience includes living and teaching in Doha, Qatar at an international school, instructing K-12 and university students in German, and leading the ESL program for several large elementary, middle and high schools in the U.S.

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    She currently lives in Gig Harbor, WA which is just South of Seattle in the U.S. Her interests are in reading, dog rescue, and in travel.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Emilsen Holguin

    Associate Faculty

    Known for transforming dreams into plans

    • Doctor of Business Administration, Leadership. Walden University
    • Master of Business Administration, Excelsior College
    • Bachelors of Sciences, Excelsior College
    • Institute for Management and Leadership in Education, Harvard University

    Dr. Holguin combines professional and academic experience. She brings over 15 years of experience in the banking and fashion industry. Her expertise includes helping startups to develop their strategies and business plans. In addition, Dr. Holguin has served as a business consultant in areas related to organizational culture and business strategy.

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    Dr. Holguin is a passionate advocate for online learning. She has held various senior roles in higher education institutions, among them associate provost for student services and assistant provost for academic operations. She has served as a leader for higher education regional accreditation reviews and manage state registrations of over 30-degree programs.

    Her research interest is human behavior in the workplace. Dr. Holguin has 10 years of teaching experience. She has taught leadership, organizational behavior and management.

  • Associate Faculty

    Nicholas Bucciarelli

    Associate Faculty

    Known for Artificial Intelligence and Automation

    • BA History, Saint John Fisher College
    • MS in Software Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology
    • MBA in Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology
    • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
    • E-Cornell-Marketing AI Certification

    Bucciarelli has over 47 years of professional experience that spans both the public and private sectors relative to the research and development of advanced technologies and supporting methods across multiple industries that involved managing diverse and large product teams. He is currently a Senior Lead Cloud Architect for Artificial Intelligence Development Operations at Unisys Corporation.

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    In parallel to this experience and his current position with Unisys, is his mentoring at the collegiate level for Cornell University as an Instructor for eCornell and a Senior Fellow for Systems and Software Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to this role with Cornell University, he taught for Penn State, Syracuse, Saint John Fisher College, State University of New York, Columbia School of Medicine, Elmira College, and provided workshops to several branches of the military relative to cybersecurity requirements to prevent SQL Injection attacks, deploy artificial neural-networks, configure cryptographic modules, and develop enterprise-wide security architecture models that span a four-tier systems architecture model.

    Bucciarelli is a a results-driven technologist with proven success in building and leading global teams of technical professionals in designing, developing, implementing and innovating data and security enterprise technologies and infrastructures. He is am adept at solving complex technical problems and leading innovation in Information Technology projects related to the Department of Defense (DoD), CENTCOM, National Security Agency (NSA), US Military Branches, etc., while working for Oracle, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Eastman Kodak as well as doing work in these areas for several Federal Civilian Agencies such as GSA, FDA, IRS, etc.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Bill Reed

    Associate Faculty

    • Bachelor of Science in Technology
    • Master of Science in Management
    • Ph.D. is in Management Performance and Leadership

    Dr. Bill Reed has over 21 years of experience in graduate-level teaching, including experience in the online model. Throughout his career, he was involved in the development of sales and management personnel, organizational behavior, and front-line and executive-level leadership. He also pursued academic experiences where his academic background compliments his business and management experience.

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    His first academic degree was a Bachelor of Science in Technology. Later, he successfully completed a Master of Science in Management. His Ph.D. is in Management Performance and Leadership.

    Dr. Reed began his working career as a corporate pilot, with type ratings in Lear Jet, serving executive clients throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico. After seven years of flying experience, he accepted a position with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller in both Chicago and New York. In 1981, he entered the business world, owning numerous businesses and organizations. During this time, he was active in the training and development of his salespeople and managers. After 17 years of self-employment, he entered the corporate environment where he was active in management for almost 9 years. His most recent corporate position was Executive Director of Sales for a division of a $2.5 billion sales organization.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Noelle Kendrick

    Associate Faculty

    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership
    • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Public Policy and Public Administration
    • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Political Science

    Dr. Noelle Kendrick is a member of Nexford University’s associate faculty in the graduate and undergraduate business programs. She has held leadership positions in six industries including e-commerce business development, higher education administration, and municipal government as a city commission. Her skills cross business and education where she enjoys work within the industry & the classroom.

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    Dr. Kendrick's previous positions include the Director of Business Development for a large e-commerce multi-store company under the House of Staunton, a business development consult across a variety of companies, the Director of International Initiatives at Excelsior College, an award-winning college instructor that has been teaching for nearly a decade across 4 institutions of higher education, a K-12 teacher, the City Commissioner of Wade, NC, and a soldier in the US Army. Her experiences cross many fields, allowing her to make strong connections with students in multiple professional fields and degree programs. She has served on multiple public and private boards for education, human relations, girls development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Michael H. McGivern

    Associate Faculty

    Known for using common sense and helping others to succeed

    • Ph.D., Organizational Development, Walden University
    • M.S., Manufacturing Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    • B.S., Industrial Engineering, Central Connecticut State University

    Michael has professional experience in managing and consulting on Organizational Development/Redesign, Operations & Quality Management, and Human Resource issues. He held the position of Executive Consultant for a global consulting firm and positions in Fortune500 organizations as Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, Manager of Manufacturing, Superintendent and Manufacturing & Quality Engineer

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    Michael’s visiting professor experience focuses on the delivery of courses on the following: Corporate Sustainability, Ethics, Economics, Organizational Development/Behavior, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Quality Management and Dissertation/Thesis research.

    Michael has also presented at numerous conferences including IAMB, ACBSP, FBI National Training Academy, Clemson University, University of North Texas, UCEA New England, Maynard Consulting, ASQ, AMA, SHRM, QACC, Timken Bearing and Industry Week’s America’s Best Plants. Michael has contributed articles to a variety of professional journals including IJSITA, IAMB, Development Dimensions International, Management Decisions, AMA, SHRM, and Futurics

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Sandra Fonseca

    Associate Faculty

    • Doctor of Business Administration, Turabo University
    • Master of Information Systems, EDP University
    • Cybersecurity Best Practices Graduate Certificate, University of Fairfax
    • Information Systems Auditing Graduate Certificate, EDP University
    • Bachelor of Business Administration – Information Systems, University of Puerto Rico

    Dr. Sandra Fonseca has over 30 years of experience in the IT cybersecurity, data governance, and project management field, both in state and federal government, as well as over 24 years in academia, where she has served as a program designer and lead, as well as program director for MSIT and Cybersecurity programs.

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    Dr. Fonseca is an IT, audit, project management, statistics, and accounting professor, program director, and instructional content developer. Her specializations are in information technology, risk management, IT audit, cybersecurity, statistics and data modeling, operations, and project management.

    Currently Dr. Fonseca is working on her second dissertation towards a degree in education with a specialization in instructional design. She’s an advocate for professionalization, the reason why she has collaborated and served as a volunteer and board member at the board of directors for local chapters in Puerto Rico for ISACA, ISSA, and PMI. In Washington DC she’s a volunteer for the Washington DC chapter of ISACA, and PMI.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Kyle Allison

    Associate Faculty

    • Doctor of Business Administration, California Intercontinental University
    • MBA, Amberton University
    • BA in Communication Studies, University of North Texas

    Dr. Kyle Allison is an experienced digital marketing executive and professor in the field. He possesses over a decade of working in corporate e-commerce and digital marketing with companies such as Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, VF Corporation and other top retail and brand companies.

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    Focusing on developing marketing strategy at the heart of being customer-centric, is Dr. Allison's passion in his career. Focusing on driving optimized user experiences, strategic marketing campaigns, and driving analytical solutions to meet the needs of the market, is the key pillars of his experience and career interest.

    Providing that real-world application and experience into the classroom as a passionate instructor and content expert is what drives his scholarly spirit.

    He holds a Doctorate of Business Administration from California Intercontinental University, an MBA from Amberton University, and a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Texas.

    Aside from being a scholarly practitioner, he spends his free time with family and keeping up with current events.

  • Associate Faculty

    Olufunke (Funke) Akiyode

    Associate Faculty

    Known for inspiring people

    • PHD Candidate, University of Texas School of Public Health
    • MBA, Human Resource Management, Strayer University
    • MS, Health Service Administration, Strayer University
    • Graduate Certificate, Management and Finance for International Health, Boston University
    • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Biological Sciences, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
    • National Diploma (AA equiv.), Accounting, Ogun State Polytechnic

    Olufunke (Funke) Akiyode is a  multipotentialite with more than two decades of experience in the fields of global health, nonprofit, research and education. She has taken leadership roles at nonprofit organizations, public and private educational organizations; and has presented papers nationally and internationally on global health, social, management,  and finance areas.

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    Olufunke (Funke) Akiyode is a business owner and believes that educating, impacting and improving people’s health status is her life calling. She also believes that people’s health status can be improved by improving their socio-economic status and has devoted her life to finding ways to improve the socio-economic and health status of populations. She is a business owner and believes that educating, impacting and improving people’s health status is her life calling. She also believes that people’s health status can be improved by improving their socio-economic status and has devoted her life to finding ways to improve the socio-economic and health status of populations

  • Associate Faculty

    Carolyn Hess

    Associate Faculty

    • BS Sociology, SUNY College at Buffalo
    • MS Biology, UT Arlington

    Carolyn Hess is a Life Sciences teacher through and through. Having taught a spectrum of Sciences for 24 years, she enjoys "spreading the word" about Science in both face-to-face and remote milieus. Her recent experience includes Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Anatomy & Physiology (secondary and post-secondary).

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    When Danai is not teaching, she loves to be active and outdoors, whether it is hiking, participating in water activities such as paddle-boarding or swimming at the beach, or anything else! She finds touching and smelling (and catching!) biological things irresistible, and will usually save a worm on a bike trail, help the turtle cross the road, or find herself with a pocket full of shells or rocks at the end of a long walk.

  • Associate Faculty

    Professor Hector Gonzalez

    Associate Faculty

    • MBA, Universidad Católica de Córdoba

    Hector Gonzalez is a forward-thinking executive with demonstrated ability to enhance operational performance, impact revenue growth, and maximize operating profits through people alignment, technology-based processes, and culture development. He has experience managing multi-million dollar P&L throughout highly regulated and economically fluctuant environments.

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    Hector Gonzalez has international experience in a wide range of industries. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Rutendo Mudzamiri

    Associate Faculty

    Known for leadership development, mentoring leaders, fund development, and accelerating women's dreams as a mentor and a serial social entrepreneur

    Dr. Rutendo Mudzamiri, affectionately known as Dr. Ru is a Zimbabwean-born serial social entrepreneur based in the United States. Since 2001, Dr. Ru has initiated and supported several women-led initiatives in over 23 African countries. She is a sought-after development leader and passionately helps organizations excel through resource mobilization, philanthropy, and partnerships

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    While she has worked with several partners to accomplish women empowerment-related projects, Dr. Ru has funded 80% of the initiatives she leads. Dr. Ru leads and mentors an active network of over 15 000 women leaders. Dr. Ru is a trained leadership practitioner with a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University in the United States.

    Her mantra is, "Leaders are born, Great leaders are developed, and the Greatest are called".

    When she is not mentoring the community of leaders, Dr. Ru actively spends her time providing coaching and training services to thriving start-ups providing individualized coaching, leadership development, and organizational cultural assessments through her coaching practice.

    Dr. Ru has delivered classes at a Duke University Summer School Program and provided coaching and consulting services to local nonprofits and international organizations.

    She currently serves as a Visiting Professor at a University in Washington D.C where she teaches Business Culture, Introduction to Intrapreneurship, and Innovation. Dr. Rutendo Mudzamiri is the Chief Impact Officer of Her Next Level, a social enterprise focused on propelling women's leadership and enterprise forward globally.

  • Associate Faculty

    Danai Strother

    Associate Faculty

    Known for identifying the positive challenge out of every negative

    • B.S Corporate Communication, Lamar University
    • MBA, Prairie View A&M University

    Danai Strother is a native of Houston, Texas, but is of Jamaican descent. Danai has taught different variations of speech and business communications on the secondary level and higher education level. Along with communication, Danai holds a strong interest in health and nutrition as she owns her own nutrition shop in the Greater Houston area.

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    When Danai is not teaching she can be found giving wellness assessments, assigning meal plans in her shop, and serving healthy products to her community.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Armando Amaro-Salas

    Associate Faculty

    • PhD, Business Administration, University of Phoenix
    • M.B.A., Business Administration, Management and Operations, St. Thomas University
    • B.B.A., Accounting and Business/Management, Florida International University

    Dr. Armando Salas-Amaro is an accounting executive, accomplished higher education administrator, business faculty, and entrepreneur, his extensive professional experience in business leadership, accounting, taxation, and financial services provides a unique insight into managing organizations.

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    Dr. Salas-Amaro has also published and presented for the International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), and the Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic Oasis).

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Kenneth Granberry

    Associate Faculty

    Dr. Kenneth Granberry

  • Associate Faculty

    Traci Sumner

    Associate Faculty

    Known for teaching all kinds of history

    • M.A. History, CSU Stanislaus
    • B.A. History, CSU Stanislaus

    Traci Sumner is a higher education veteran with nine years of college instructor experience and eight years of alternative high school instructor experience. She has a BA and an MA in history from CSU Stanislaus and is deeply passionate about history.

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    Traci teaches because she wants to give back the excellent education she has been lucky enough to receive. While education has been a big part of her life, it isn't everything. She has two wonderful kids and a husband who keeps the technology running. Her hobbies include reading and cooking. She lives in the sunny Central Valley in California with her family and dog.

  • Associate Faculty

    Dr. Troy Abel

    Associate Faculty

    • PhD, Human Computer Interaction, Iowa State University
    • M.F.A., Graphic Design, Iowa State University
    • B.F.A., Graphic Design, Valparaiso University
    • B.A., Visual Communications, Valparaiso University

    Dr. Troy Abel

  • Associate Faculty

    Christopher Fant

    Associate Faculty

    Christopher Fant

A snapshot of our Success Advisors

Providing support from the start, Nexford’s success team play a vital role in ensuring learner success by offering continual advice and personal support on academic programs, career development and policies. They also help learners overcome obstacles whilst learning and help them meet their career objectives.

Success Advisors

  • Learner Success Manager

    Jaymiebeth Jose

    Learner Success Manager

    Known for people skills

    Jaymiebeth Jose is responsible for providing highly engaged, student-centered support for learners. She is a licensed Psychometrician and has experience working as a school counselor. Jaymie’s personal philosophy comes from the Humanistic Perspective, and she works with her clients using a holistic lens of human understanding and experience.

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    As a mental health advocate, her greatest passion is to help people overcome hurdles in order to reach their full potential. When she isn’t supporting and mentoring learners, you can find her playing with her cats, singing, playing musical instruments, watching movies and traveling.

  • Director of Learner Success

    Trisha Roque

    Director of Learner Success

    Known for guiding learners towards success

    Trisha Roque is based in the Philippines and works as Nexford’s learner success manager. Her background in higher education and business administration gives her the experience she needs to aid learners on their educational journey to successful careers.

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    She finds joy in learning about people’s passions in life as well as traveling. For over seven years, she has performed different roles in the academic world. Trisha holds a bachelor's degree in tourism management, a master’s degree in business administration, and she is currently studying her master’s degree in counseling for mental health and wellness.

  • Senior Success Advisor

    Camille Rivera

    Senior Success Advisor

    Known for being bold, determined, and a goal setter

    Camille Rivera is a Professional Licensed Teacher and she studied Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She believes that being a teacher does not isolate oneself in a four-cornered classroom, it is a matter of passion—and her passion is to provide learners’ need—whether it is a formal lesson or a life lesson.

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    With this philosophy in education, she had two years teaching various subjects to the learners from Junior to Senior High. She also taught English as Secondary Language to kids from an Asian Country. During her spare time, she feeds her soul through reading books, binge-watching and of course making sure that she bonds with her family.

  • Senior Success Advisor

    Cedie Villaseñor

    Senior Success Advisor

    Known for energy and customer focus

    • BA Marketing Management at Global Reciprocal Colleges, Caloocan City
    • Masters in Business Administration, University of the City of Manila

    Cedie is a high-spirited and customer service-oriented individual, with experience working in a multi-cultural university set-up. He is able to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners coming from different walks of life. With his experiences, he developed into a character who genuinely cares for his clients by providing consistently high quality service.

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    Outside of his professional activities, he likes spending time with his family, music and movies.

  • Success Advisor

    Katrina Cabantog

    Success Advisor

    Known for being an education advocate

    Katrina has been in the field of education since she started working. She has teaching units and started her MA in Guidance and Counseling that helps her in guiding learners throughout their educational journey. She has experience working in multi-cultural schools that makes it easy for her to connect with learners across the world.

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    Katrina is passionate about shaping the minds of young learners and seeing them grow and become successful.

    In her free time or outside work, you can see her traveling with her camera and capturing memories to share with everyone.

  • Success Advisor

    Krisha Ann Amador

    Success Advisor

    Known for her positive outlook on life

    Krisha Ann Amador is a licensed Psychometrician who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Manila. She has a positive outlook on her career and life. She is passionate about promoting mental health and positive psychology to the people around her.

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    She experienced working in the different facets of Psychology such as being a behavioral therapist for children with special needs, guidance specialist/student affairs officer to local and international students, and human resource practitioner to a foreign company. These helped her improve her skills and expand her knowledge in the field.

    During her leisure time, she enjoys binge-watching movies or series, exploring different places, and spending time with her loved ones.

  • Success Advisor

    Elsbeth Olasiman

    Success Advisor

    Elsbeth is a Registered Psychometrician based in the Philippines, an educator, a Mental Health Advocate, and a counselor by practice. She has an educational background in Psychology and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Education concentrating in Guidance and Counselling.

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    Beyond work, Elsbeth's interests include listening to music, reading self-help and fictional books, watching movies, and spending time with her three cats.

  • Success Advisor

    Lady Ruth Onato

    Success Advisor

    Known for being empathic, goal-oriented, and philomath.

    Lady Ruth Onato graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a goal in mind to train the younger generation to become quality professionals of the future and to help them achieve the best version of themselves. She is a Registered Psychometrician with years of experience in the educational field.

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    She took additional units in education and became a Licensed Professional Teacher majoring in Social Science. She believes that grit and a growth mindset are vital factors in achieving one's definition of success.

    “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” is one of her favorite quotations from one of her favorite writers, C.S. Lewis.

    You may often find her dining out and traveling with friends, hanging out with her family, and spending time in the church outside work. She finds satisfaction in listening to and learning from people’s insights into different facets of life. She loves being with people while making sure she also has time for herself. During her alone-time, she enjoys binge-watching series while eating her favorite snacks, listening to acoustic music while polishing her nails, and biking in the neighborhood just before the sunset to witness the colors of the sky.

  • Success Advisor

    Rocel Andico

    Success Advisor

    Known for being genuinely caring

    • B.A., Banking and Finance, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

    Rocel Andico is an experienced customer service provider with experience in handling various accounts covering a breadth of areas including retention, sales, technical support, and financial - both in the BPO and freelancing industries.

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    Rocel has a solid background in academic advising, supporting learners in the US with reaching their academic goals.

    When she's not helping learners she loves to binge-watch Netflix series and movies with her family.

Admissions team at a glance

Our Admissions team ensure that prospective learners' applications are processed correctly and in a timely fashion. They ensure all applicants have the right qualifications and direction to maximize their potential, and provide clear, simple guidance: right from the start.


  • Manager, Admissions and Registrar

    Sandra Honorio

    Manager, Admissions and Registrar

    Known for doing, not trying

    As Admissions Officer, Sandra makes it her mission to inspire confidence in learners so they can graduate with practical skills they need. She values thoughtfulness and strives to make our learners feel valued, every step of the way.

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    In her previous role, Sandra oversaw recruitment, admission and enrollment operations at Mapua University in the Philippines. She holds a BA (Psychology), and is a MS Clinical Psychology candidate and De La Salle University. Outside of work, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading novels and binge-watching Netflix series.

  • Admissions Officer

    Amarachi Chidiebere

    Admissions Officer

    Known for being amiable and focused

    Being surrounded by educators her whole life Amarachi developed passion for education and joined Nexford University because of its mission of making quality education more accessible. Amarachi works as an admission officer and is responsible for supporting admissions processes and outreach. She also counsel applicants on opportunities available in the University to align with their goals.

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    She has most of her experience holding various administrative roles assisting with business operations, registration, organization, and maintenance of database records mostly in the healthcare industry and has been able to transfer those skills to her work here at Nexford.

    Outside of work she enjoys swimming, binge watching shows and writing poetry.

  • Admissions Officer

    Janine Sagala

    Admissions Officer

    Known for positivity and versatility

    • Master of Clinical Audiology, University of Sto. Tomas
    • B.A. Communication Arts, University of the Philippines

    Janine focuses on building a positive learner experience through an efficient admissions cycle and records management. Empathy is at the core of everything she does. She believes that everyone deserves a quality education, regardless of race, gender, and status quo. Dedicated to making a difference, she turns her values, passion, and skillset into professional results.

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    Outside Nexford, Janine is a deaf advocate and a Clinical Audiologist who specializes in management of hearing loss and balance disorders. In her spare time, she loves exploring food and places, binge-watching Netflix series, and solving mystery puzzles.

  • Admissions Officer

    Jovi Ipapo

    Admissions Officer

    Known for being a learning advocate

    Lifelong learning is one of the key principles that Jovi lives by. She believes that improving one’s skills, competencies, and knowledge, within both personal and professional perspectives, does not need to have a finish line. This conviction and her experience working in multi-cultural companies have also deepened her empathy and understanding of diversity in education.

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    As an Admissions Officer, she ensures that all learners have and feel a safe, inclusive learning environment regardless of race, gender, and status quo.

    Outside Nexford, she is a mother, an entrepreneur, a trainer, a digital creative, and a disciple. In her spare time, she finds joy in having a cup of handcrafted coffee while spending quality time with her family, friends, and loved ones.

Meet the team leading the way — Executive Leadership

The driving force behind Nexford’s vision, strategy and lightning pace execution. They provide the experience, expertize and insight needed to revolutionize education as we know it.

Executive Leadership

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Fadl Al Tarzi

    Chief Executive Officer

    Known for having a unique vision

    Fadl founded Nexford University in 2018, with a vision to enable greater social and economic mobility through high-quality, affordable education. His vision stemmed from having built four startups employing over 500 people across 10 emerging markets. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey he witnessed how lack of access to affordable, high-quality education impacts societies across the world.

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    Fadl became an entrepreneur at 18, and has accumulated 17 years’ experience founding digital marketing and SaaS startups, leading award winning digital engagement and digital transformation projects. Cumulatively, his startups have raised over $15 million in growth capital and employ more than 500 people globally. Under News Group International, he launched and grew SOCIALEYEZ from two to more than 120 people globally. He has worked with Fortune 500s, global consumer brands such as Starbucks, and governments in the US, Europe and MENA regions. Fadl has lived in Cairo, Paris, Washington DC, Dubai and London. He holds a BBA from the American University in Cairo and management degrees from George Washington and Middlesex Universities.

  • Chief Information Officer

    Paul Coleman

    Chief Information Officer

    Known for tenacity

    Paul Coleman is the chief information officer at Nexford. His career began at Microsoft in Seattle, building the Microsoft Office products. After Microsoft, he held a senior leadership position in telecommunications in Bermuda – his home country – responsible for corporate and retail strategies.

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    Paul then spent five years at a fintech startup, followed by a move to the UK and a startup aimed at disintermediating the recruitment industry in the country. Paul has an MBA and a computer science undergraduate degree with honors from Cornell University. He has two teenage children, and outside of work is often found on a tennis court.

  • CFO & COO

    Jim Killin

    CFO & COO

    Known for growing people and organizations

    Jim leads the operations and finance of Nexford. Jim is passionate about mentoring people and building companies. His overall responsibility is to assure Nexford achieves its mission.

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    Jim has worked in higher education since 2006, with 13 years as president of a university and another 3 years as Chief Operation Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to that he founded companies in the technology and healthcare industries. He started his career as a CPA with an international accounting firm. His specific expertise includes mergers and acquisition evaluation and due diligence, higher education accreditation, new product evaluation and introduction, and building effective and efficient operational delivery and support systems.

  • Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Cathy Plunkett

    Chief Academic Officer

    Known for dedication to education at all levels and life-long learning

    • EdD, Educational Leadership, Edgewood College
    • MED, Administration and Supervision, National Louis University
    • BS, Education with endorsement in Special Education, Indiana University

    Dr. Cathy Plunkett serves as Nexford’s Chief Academic Officer. She has more than three decades of experience in education, starting as a teacher and principal in K-12 and moving to post-secondary education over 15 years ago.

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    Dr. Plunkett has had leadership positions in both the academic and business sides of an institution, serving as a Campus Director, Regional Director, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of Regulatory Compliance. The knowledge and experience gained in all of these positions provide solid platform to provide support and guidance to all all departments of the university to ensure compliance with accreditation and state licensing standards. She is passionate about learning and providing students with a positive educational environment for them to meet their educational goals and ultimately succeed in their chosen career.

  • Head of Growth

    Barney Woodbridge

    Head of Growth

    Known for analytical and growth mindset

    Barney brings his passion for data and analytics to the marketing team at Nexford. Having worked across various tech startups, including Floom and Eve Sleep, Barney was inspired to join Nexford in 2019 — having felt that his own academic experience at university studying English Literature was outdated.

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    Outside of work he can usually be found playing or watching football.

  • Finance Director

    Anurag Mishra

    Finance Director

    Known for being calm, optimistic and analytical

    Anurag Mishra leads the global initiative to implement effective financial planning, driving profitability, investor reporting and key strategies for expansion and global initiatives.

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    He is a qualified chartered accountant with over 17 years of experience primarily in Post M&A Integration, Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, P&L Responsibility, Project Management; Driving Special Projects for Management, Revenue Recognition, Validation of Revenue Leakage, Inventory Management, Internal Audit, Taxation & Compliance. Prior to joining Nexford, he has worked with corporates like IBM, Upland Software, TASC Outsourcing, Mphasis, iGate among others. He has also won talent recognitions in IBM and has vast experience in working with distributed teams globally. He has worked with organizations in APAC, MEA, ANZ, US, UK & Europe and has also transitioned processes to set-up back office in India. He has worked across various industries including SaaS, Ed-Tech, IT Hardware, Software, Healthcare, Telecom & Manpower Staffing.

A snapshot of our management team

A group of passionate innovators who aspire to fulfil Nexford's mission of providing learners a high-quality, affordable, and dynamic online education. They support the team to build next-generation learning experiences you won't find anywhere else.

Management Team

  • Director of Career Innovation

    Dr. Jennifer Bangoura

    Director of Career Innovation

    Known for enthusiasm and celebrating small world connections

    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Change and Leadership, University of Southern California
    • Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Education, SIT Graduate Institute
    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art History and French, University of Mary Washington

    Dr. Jennifer Bangoura is the director of Career Innovation for Nexford University and a consultant for the Future of Learning Fund, an early-stage investment fund to invest in new and improved models of learning that prepare Africans for the future of work.

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    Dr. Bangoura was an Industry Engagement Network Manager at 2U where she identified strategic industry partners to hire students and alumni of 2U-powered programs and provided 1:1 and group career coaching. Dr. Bangoura also previously worked on IREX’s workforce development programs in Morocco and Iraq and the World Resources Institute on their West and Central African forestry programs. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, she worked on environmental programs related to shea butter and reforestation and served as a communications specialist for a USAID-funded teacher training and literacy program with Education Development Center.

    She is an advisory board member of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network and active in PEO International, an organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities for women worldwide. Dr. Bangoura received a Doctor of Education in organizational change and leadership from the University of Southern California, a Master’s in International Education from the SIT Graduate Institute, and a Bachelor’s in Art History and French from the University of Mary Washington. She is a native English speaker, fluent in French, and conversational in Bambara, and lives in Lilongwe, Malawi.

  • Vice President of Learning Strategy

    Dr. Robin Johnston

    Vice President of Learning Strategy

    Known for mentoring and competency-based education expertise

    • EdD, Organizational Leadership, Argosy University
    • MS, Human Resource Development, Towson University

    Dr. Robin Johnston serves as Nexford’s vice president of academic innovation and learning design. Throughout her career, Dr. Johnston has held executive leadership positions in higher education, human resources, and healthcare. Prior to joining Nexford full time, Dr. Johnston worked as a consultant for the university.

    Read more

    Her past experience includes the director of academic innovation for McGraw Hill Higher Education and associate dean for business at Excelsior College. She has served as dean, associate dean, program chair, professor, instructional designer, adjunct instructor for various online and traditional institutions and mentor for the Online Learning Consortium. Dr Johnston lives in Venice, Florida and holds an EdD in Organizational Leadership, an MS in Human Resource Development and Management, a BA in Psychology, and is a certified job and career transition coach.

  • Program Director

    Dr. Ann Larson

    Program Director

    Known for collaborating to improve the online teaching and learning experience

    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Higher Education Administration, University of South Dakota
    • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), University of Mary
    • Master of Management (M.M.), Human Resource Management, University of Mary
    • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mass Communication, North Dakota State University

    Dr. Ann Larson has served in online higher education for over fifteen years. She has led the development of online academic operations in the for-profit, multi-campus, career-focused higher education sector.

    Read more

    Her experience includes the development of academic programs, the delivery of student support services, the management of faculty and academic staff, as well as the oversight of academic operational functions. Ann holds a Doctor of Education degree with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration from the University of South Dakota, two Master's degrees from the University of Mary, and a Bachelor's degree from North Dakota State University.

  • Performance Marketing Manager

    Joe McGoldrick

    Performance Marketing Manager

    Known for strategy and attention to detail

    Joe has more than 10 years of marketing experience, working within the public sector, client side and agency side. After moving back to the UK from Sydney in 2019, Joe worked as a freelance digital marketing consultant, before joining Nexford in early 2021.

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    During his time in the public sector, Joe worked in a variety of marketing and branding roles. This included projects with Creative England, UKTI, the Cabinet Office and Emirates. After moving to Sydney in 2016, Joe started a digital marketing role within FMCG, before moving onto work for the WPP group of agencies. Joe returned to the UK in 2019 to set up his own business, working as a digital marketing consultant for SMEs in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Joe is passionate about using data and customer insights to improve marketing performance.

  • Content Marketing Manager

    Mark Talmage-Rostron

    Content Marketing Manager

    Known for tenacity, creativity and shunning the status quo

    Mark is a College graduate with Honors in Copywriting and is the Content Marketing Manager at Nexford, creating engaging and thought leadership content that sells.

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    Hailing from South Africa, and with a wealth of experience in traditional advertising, direct marketing, and online demand gen marketing, Mark is putting those skills to great use creating engaging and thought leadership content that sells in his role as Content Marketing Manager at Nexford.

  • Manager, Admissions and Registrar

    Sandra Honorio

    Manager, Admissions and Registrar

    Known for doing, not trying

    As Admissions Officer, Sandra makes it her mission to inspire confidence in learners so they can graduate with practical skills they need. She values thoughtfulness and strives to make our learners feel valued, every step of the way.

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    In her previous role, Sandra oversaw recruitment, admission and enrollment operations at Mapua University in the Philippines. She holds a BA (Psychology), and is a MS Clinical Psychology candidate and De La Salle University. Outside of work, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading novels and binge-watching Netflix series.

  • IT Support Manager

    Hesham Alaa

    IT Support Manager

    Known for being organized and people development

    Hesham has 14 years of IT experience in global and multinational organizations, and has worked across technical, operations and project management functions. He joined Nexford to work in a place with a social mission.

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    He’s passionate about education and people development and loves to find meaning in everything he does.

  • Nexford Advisor Manager

    Christine Balolong

    Nexford Advisor Manager

    Known for her drive to deliver results and motivate

    Christine inspires her team to understand that each learner is unique with different needs, desires and goals. Understanding these is crucial to effectively inform them of the impact higher education can have on their life. She values keeping her team of Nexford Advisors highly motivated.

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    She has 8 years’ experience in team management for various acquisition and customer service centers — 5 years of which are within the education industry. She found her passion in this industry as she has the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life.

  • Product Manager

    Ursula Grover

    Product Manager

    Known for asking a lot of questions

    After working to enhance the digital tools at the University of Southampton alongside her studies, Ursula has continued to thrive in the educational sector since graduation, and is currently the project manager at Nexford.

    Read more

    Ursula’s pursuit of a career in education began at Cengage, as an academic publisher. More recently, she has worked at Instructure, introducing institutions across the world to the Canvas platform. Outside of education and tech, she enjoys exploring London, and getting her hands on some last minute theatre tickets.

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