Apply any time you want. Complete the online application, upload your supporting documents or email them. Apply before September 1 and join one of our globally affordable programs. Take advantage of our official evaluation of your international transcripts and diplomas at no cost, saving you up to $200+ plus delivery fees, based on competitive international evaluation agency rates. Also benefit with our in-house translation service for your transcripts and diplomas at no cost.

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Wait for your offer

We'll tell you within seven days whether you've been accepted, or if we need more information from you. If you're accepted, the next step is enrollment. If you're not successful, we'll communicate why – and if and when you should re-apply.



When you're accepted, you have 30 days to return your enrollment agreement and make your tuition payment. Please note that we ask that you pay three months in advance, so you never have to worry about falling behind with your payments.

Get tuition details

Assess your skills

At this stage, you have the option to take an online self-assessment — the Diagnostic Assessment and Achievement of College Skills (DAACS) during your application, at no additional cost. DAACS helps you self-assess important areas, such as your level of comfort with an online environment and your English language communication skills — all essential skills for your success.


Complete orientation

Once you've completed these steps, you'll be ready to start NXU Orientation. Orientation is designed to help you:
  • Learn about Nexford's online learning environment, where you'll take academic courses, view your records, and make tuition payments
  • Discover Nexford's academic programs, including advice on choosing the right academic path for you
  • Understand our academic and code of conduct policies
  • Find out about the different kinds of support resources, from faculty course-based advising to your dedicated Success Advisor.