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Are you an experienced professional looking to advance with an MBA degree program? Perhaps you’re an early career professional wanting to kick-start your career with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business? Build skills in two to six months with our advanced and intermediate certificates and short courses, the choice is yours. Choose your program and submit your details to find out more about Nexford's fully online programs.

Get ahead. Stay ahead.

To stand out in life you need to be bold, to advance in your career you need the right skills.

The traditional university experience hasn’t changed for 100 years and is no longer fit for purpose. Earn a degree from an innovative American online university.

Join Nexford and accelerate your career with a next-generation MBA that: 

  • Provides the skills employers are looking for right now  
  • Is affordable at $180/month
  • Allows you to continue working while learning


Nexford MBA graduates have completed their degree in as little as six months, and our average completion time is 15 months. Finish as fast as you want.


No fixed hours. No classroom sessions. Learn when it's most convenient for you, with weekly deadlines.


100% online learning, born online. Learn through real-life projects and engaging courses and receive 24/7 support from mentors and faculty.


Earn an MBA from just $180/₹13000 per month. Affordable monthly payments. Pay by credit card, PayPal, or Cryptocurrency. Plus the faster you finish the more money you save.

Career support

Speak with a career coach, join virtual job fairs, get help preparing for interviews. Access to lifelong learning tools post graduation.

Less theory. More skills.

We’re here to prepare you for the workplace of the future, not yesterday’s — in the industries with the greatest growth opportunities.  Hit the ground running and stand out from the pack.

With Nexford you get: 

  • A degree that’s more than three letters. Develop valuable skills by working on real world projects  
  • The opportunity to start your program on the first of every month. No need to wait
  • 24/7 support from our faculty, advisors and academic coaches  
  • An American degree accredited by DEAC, and ASIC, and licensed by HELC
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft tools for lifetime learning at no additional cost  
  • The opportunity to join a community of learners from 100+ countries working at companies like Google, EY, GE, KPMG, and HP.

Online MBA industry projects

While studying your American MBA online, you’ll learn through real-life industry projects with top companies across various sectors

  • Engage in projects from today’s world, not yesterday’s
  • Receive 24/7 support during your study
  • Get personalized subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement

Business Case for Change: Tesla

You take the role as a consultant and develop a business case for change to determine where AI supersedes the need for humans in certain functional areas.

Pitch Deck: Beyond Meat

Using Beyond Meat as a model for Food and Agribusiness, you develop a comprehensive pitch deck for Raising Funding for a Food and Agribusiness Venture.

Robotics Roadmap Presentation: 3M

You assume the role of a Senior Executive of at 3M and present a roadmap for deploying robotics and show impact on cognitive agents.

Financing your future

Nexford University and Eduvanz have partnered together to offer an affordable American MBA and BBA programs to the Indian market.

Nexford’s programs can be financed for up to 40 months at zero interest rates with a loan from Eduvanz. Eduvanz was founded in 2016, and has raised over $10 mil from partners including Accenture, Dell Foundation, and Citibank. To date, Eduvanz has distributed loans worth ₹300 crores to over 25,000 learners across the country.

Learners can finish the program as fast as they want but choose to pay it back as per the initial plan.

Specialize with skills & knowledge to drive your career

Choose from 5 specializations in hot-topic areas below.

  • MBA with Specialization in Sustainability

    MBA with Specialization in Sustainability

    Crops, food production and water supply are under strain as human populations increase. Design a practical approach to addressing future wellness programs by recognizing cultural differences, the challenges of technology initiatives, and occupational healthcare shortages.

    3 Courses

    • Food and Agribusiness
    • Renewable Energy
    • Managing Healthcare
  • MBA with Specialization in Doing Business Across the World

    MBA with Specialization in Doing Business Across the World

    You have a great idea: does it translate across cultures? Unpack the cultural complexities and get to grips with doing business in high-growth hotzones.

    3 Courses

    • Doing Business in India
    • Doing Business in China
    • Doing Business in Sub Saharan Africa
  • MBA with Specialization in Enabling E-Commerce

    MBA with Specialization in Enabling E-Commerce

    It’s not only the Amazons of this world that have to think about bricks and clicks. B2B, B2G, and B2C across the world need a strategic handle on the future of e-commerce.

    3 Courses

    • Enabling E-Commerce and Digital Strategy
    • Policy and Regulatory Enablement of E-commerce
    • Operations Digital Transformation
  • MBA with Specialization in Advanced AI & the Future of Automation

    MBA with Specialization in Advanced AI & the Future of Automation

    The robots aren’t coming; they’re already here. AI and automation promises considerable economic benefits. How can you ensure each link of the value chain is marching to the same beat?

    3 Courses

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Sciences for Decision Making
    • Cybersecurity Leadership
  • MBA with Specialization in Managing Hyperconnectivity

    MBA with Specialization in Managing Hyperconnectivity

    From cyber war rooms to hackers, cybersecurity is top of every business agenda. Discover IoT ecosystems to minimize technical and product risk using Agile and Lean frameworks.

    3 Courses

    • Internet of Things
    • Cybersecurity Leadership
    • Product Management with Agile and Lean

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Nexford career services & development: start with the end in mind

At Nexford, you'll do more than just learn. Alongside your studies, you'll receive access to all of our career services: beginning when you enroll, and ending... well, never.

From early career planning to personal branding to job applications, we'll be alongside you every step of your program. Even after you've graduated our support doesn't stop, as we'll continue to bring you lifelong learning opportunities — including LinkedIn Learning & the Nexford Digital Library.

Your career success is at the heart of everything we do. Discover our career services, and see how you'll come away from Nexford with more than just a degree.

Join a global community from 85+ countries

A Nexford MBA is designed for experienced professionals like you. Whether you’re pivoting roles, accelerating in the career you already have, or launching a startup, you’ll learn how to succeed in modern, global business. To build our programs, we analyzed 30 million jobs and surveyed industry leaders – including those from Microsoft, Citibank, and Unilever. Just some of the high-profile companies that many of our previous alumni have gone on to work for. 

Online learning, American made

Nexford is accredited by DEAC, which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities, an independent body providing accreditation services for independent, further and higher education colleges. We are a degree-granting institution of higher education, licensed by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission and globally recognized by Quality Matters, and the NSLS. 

Nexford was born different for you. No term time. No campus. Learn real-world skills 100% online, pay affordable monthly tuition in your local currency if you choose, and graduate as fast as you want.

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