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Join our community of Nigerian innovators, leaders and moguls. Think global, and pay local tuition in Naira. Learn real-world skills 100% online.

Hi from Lagos

Explore Nexford in Nigeria: local partnerships, business and culture events and a vibrant learner and alumni community. Hear what local industry leaders and experts have to say about Nexford University – America’s online university for global leaders. Plus, book a time to meet us at our Learning Space in Lagos or online.

Pay local, think global with an online program at Nexford. Pay tuition in local Naira – we’re an American university, but we get you.

More about Nexford’s online programs

Are you an experienced professional looking to advance with an MBA degree program? Specialize with AI, E-Commerce, Cybersecurity. Perhaps you’re an early career professional wanting to kick-start your career with your first degree – a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – with specializations in 8 hot-topic areas. Choose your program in Nigeria and submit your details to find out more about Nexford's online programs.

Quality higher education is extremely important for young people to enable them to position themselves in a globally competitive world. Institutions like Nexford are really the next-generation of systems available for us to offer more. The only way we can get out of depths of inequality that cut across this continent is to offer opportunities. Nexford is future-focused and mission-driven.

Dr Oby Ezekwesili
Former Nigerian Minister of Education

Our partners

We’ve established partnerships with local organizations that align with our goals, value and mission - giving you the best possible learning experience. Sterling Bank, MTN, Union Bank, IBM, Dangote, Jobberman, Seedstars, Play Network, and more. Watch our webinar with Sterling Bank.

Nexford University's mission is to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic online education that prepares them for the global workplace.

Our Nigerian learner feedback says it all

Work Skills Progress Learning Goals Progress Recommend Nexford

I am proud and glad to say that I am Nexford alumni today. The program has enabled me to view businesses from a 360 approach. Nexford has helped me achieve my goals, by reinventing the way I think through challenges. I have been equipped with a robust process on how to think through challenges and identifying solutions.

Olutobi Temitope
MBA 2020 alumni, Nigeria

Book a time to see us at our Lagos learning space

If you’re thinking about studying at Nexford, come and visit us at our learning space. From help with admissions to making tuition payments, book a time to chat face to face with the Nigerian team.

Admissions & Eligibility FAQs

What supporting documents do I need to apply?

At Nexford, you can start learning straight away and send us your documents later. Just fill in a few details, upload your government-issued ID and pay your application fee. That’s it!

After your first course starts, you’ll have 60 days to send us your missing information, such as a diploma or grade transcript. Please take advantage of our English test (at no cost), and achieve the minimum score outlined in our admissions requirements.

If you're applying for an MBA, you'll also need to provide your official academic transcript or certificate in English.

If you're applying for a BBA or AAS in Business,, you'll need to provide proof you've graduated secondary school in the form of official transcripts (results from WAEC, IGCSE or NECO).

How do I upload my photo ID?

You can take a photo with your smartphone, or scan it in. Make sure your photo ID: 

  • Shows your most recent legal name Is valid within the past two years 
  • Is written in English (although we can translate in-house at no cost!) We can process your application quickest if you upload your passport.

We also accept national identity cards (but as we have to translate them, it might slow things down)

Are there other tests that I need to take to support my application?

We're an American university, so you don't need to do a WES evaluation.

What does the English language test involve?

Good question! The English language assessment is designed to test your understanding, reading and listening. We're looking for a minimum score – we want to check you'll succeed at Nexford.

Do I have to take the English test?

If you can prove that you’re capable in another way, you won’t be required to take the test. Just upload one of the following documents and you'll be on your way! 

  • A recent English language certificate, valid in the last 2 years (we accept EF SET, TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Test of English (PTE), ACT COMPASS, Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)) 
  • Evidence you've worked at an English-speaking country 
  • A certificate from a university.

Don't have any of these documents? Take the test! It only takes 50 minutes, and you'll get your score right away.

Can I apply for a bachelor’s program if I haven't graduated from high school yet?

In most cases, you'll need to have graduated from high school before you can apply for your BBA. If you have significant work experience, we might be able to make an exception, though. Get in touch to see what we can do:

Do I have to be over a certain age to apply? Do you take older students?

We accept mature students! At Nexford, we believe you're never too old to learn.

Do I need to have work experience to apply?

No. If you have work experience, that's great, but you don't need it. Nexford's programs are practical, which means you'll gain on-the-job skills while you learn. If you do have work experience, we won't be able to offer credit just yet. We want everyone to start their program on a level playing field – that includes taking the same core courses and building the same foundational skills.

How do I enroll?

Once you're admitted (congratulations!), the next step is to enroll. That's when you confirm your place at Nexford, choose your start date and pay your first month of tuition.

You'll enroll in your online learning environment. More information and links will be in your offer letter. Stay tuned!

I would like to discuss my admissions with someone

To speak to someone on the local admissions team, kindly contact or call +234 9070088764

If I complete the bachelor’s degree program, will I be eligible for NYSC?

A degree with Nexford does not guarantee a slot at the National Youth Service Corps program (NYSC). However, a graduate of Nexford university is eligible to apply for a certificate of exclusion which is an official NYSC certificate.

What programs does Nexford offer?

Here's a quick rundown; visit our programs overview page for more information!

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate business program that takes an average of 15 months to complete. (Go faster and you could finish in as little as 12 months!)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree where you'll gain foundational skills in business. Finish in an average of 36 months.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business is half the length of the BBA and is a great point to start your business learning. Finish in an average of 18 months.

Can't commit to a whole degree? Take a course or certificate instead, and learn the skills you need in a fraction of the time.

What's the application fee?

When you apply, you'll pay a one-off fee of $20, which allows us to process your application.

How do I pay my fees?

When you enroll, you’ll choose to pay monthly, in two or six month instalments. Pay your first month, two or six months upfront, and we'll set up a direct debit for the same time period. We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

We'll send you a reminder before your payment date so you know it's coming. You'll also get a confirmation email when we receive your payment.

Need an alternative payment method? Contact us at

I can't upload my documents!

No stress! You don't have to upload everything right now. Come back and try again later – we've saved your application.

I get a message that says 'There was an error completing payment'. What can I do?

Oops! Send us an email at – we can talk about alternative payment options.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy! Once you've decided on the program you want, and read up on the admissions criteria, head to to start your application. If you have everything ready, it should take you seven minutes (or faster!) to complete the form.

Can I apply for an MBA if I don't have a university degree?

You'll need an undergraduate degree or higher national diploma (HND) qualification to apply for the MBA.

However, your degree doesn't need to be in business.

If you have a degree in another discipline, you'll take four 6-8 week Foundation courses. Here, you'll learn the baseline business skills you need for our broader MBA. At the end, start taking MBA core courses.

If you have studied business before, you'll enter straight into the MBA and start taking your core courses.

Confused? We'll help you out! When you enroll, your success advisor will help you choose your pathway.

Tuition & Payments FAQs

How much will I pay?

We've calculated our tuition to be affordable in every country, and tuition is different for each program. Find out what you'll pay per month at our tuition page.

What is your fee structure?

When you enroll, you can choose to pay monthly, or to pay two or six months at a time. Whichever option you choose, you can always change it later.

We've calculated our tuition to be affordable in every country. No more expensive degrees here! See what you'll pay at our tuition page.

Are there any additional fees?

Tuition is a flat monthly fee: you won't pay anything more.

When you graduate, you'll get an electronic copy of your transcript, no additional cost. A printed diploma is $80, a printed transcript is $25, and it’s $100 to have a document notarized.

Pay $20 application fee and join one of our globally affordable programs.

Learning Experience FAQs

Is the Lagos Learning Space safe?

To help you stay safe and keep a social distance, please book your visit at least 24 hours in advance. Learn how we're keeping you safe at the space: download the PDF.

Where is your Nigerian office?

Our Nigerian office is located at 23 A Kunle Ogunba Street off Otunba Adeleke off Admiralty, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. Follow directions on google maps here.

Please book an appointment with our local team using link below.

Book a visit

Can I connect with someone in Nigeria?
What if my previous school can’t provide my required documents in time for my Nexford application?

If your documents aren’t ready, let us know at You can start your program now and upload missing documents later!

Does WES recognize Nexford degrees?

WES is unable to review any of our credentials right now. Although we’re licensed in the US and accredited by ASIC in the UK, we need to be accredited in the US for WES to review our degrees. We’re well on our way with the US accreditation process and this is something that we hope to be able to announce in 2021.

You are more than welcome to wait until Nexford has US accreditation to have WES review your degree, or, you could have your degree authenticated by the US Department of State or explore the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada process. We want to support you in this process, so please let us know whether you’d like to pursue any of these routes and we’ll gladly work with you to make this happen. Contact if you’ve graduated or your success advisor if you’re a current learner.

Can I get a visa to travel abroad with Nexford?

We're based in Washington DC, and we're 100% online. That means you have the freedom to study from your home country and graduate with an American degree. You're welcome to study in the US, but unfortunately, we're not able to help with your travels or visa.

All Nexford learners have the chance to join our graduation ceremony in Washington DC, where you can celebrate with learners and faculty. Nexford University can provide you with a letter stating that you are indeed an enrolled learner at our university and have completed your degree requirements.

The letter will also state that we are holding a graduation ceremony in Washington DC, where we are licensed and based. You may use that letter to apply for a visit visa to attend the ceremony.

Do you have a physical campus?

We're 100% online, so we don't have a campus! Our learners are our priority, which means we let you invest in your future – not a costly campus. (Affordability is our biggest mission!)

What is the university experience at Nexford like?

Nexford's learning experience is unlike any other. Think engaging, interactive online learning that helps you gain the skills you need – fast.

The online learning environment contains everything you need to learn at Nexford. It's where you'll take courses, chat with peers and faculty, submit assignments, receive feedback, and track your grades. It's also where you'll manage your enrollment, add courses, and pay your tuition.

The first thing you'll see when you log in is your dashboard: all the courses you're enrolled in, and easy links for everything else. Click around and explore: it's interactive so you can get the best results.

Overwhelmed? Don't be! You'll get a full tour of the learning environment during orientation week. You're in safe hands with us.

Are you accredited by National Universities Commission (NUC)?

We're a 100% online American university licensed by HELC in Washington DC, and accredited by ASIC - a UK-based, international organization. We're certified by QM for quality and recognized by CMI. You can find out more about our license and accreditation here.

Regarding NUC approval, it's a process we're working on and may accomplish by the time you complete your program with us (although we can't commit to that right now). Please see here and here photos of our visits with the NUC Executive Secretary and the Chairman of the Board. Meanwhile, we've already partnered with many leading employers around the world, including in Nigeria, such as Union Bank, Sterling Bank, Dangote, and IBM, and have several learners from Nigeria and 60+ countries around the world. This is an example of how valued a Nexford degree is amongst employers! Our mission is to provide you with the latest job skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today's workplace.