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Your MBA admission requirements


We need proof that you completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution in a business-related field with a valid copy of your official diploma and transcript. Documents not in English must be accompanied by official translations, such as those provided by a validated institutional official or embassy.

  • If your Bachelor’s degree is in a business-related field - please submit your university transcript during the application process in addition to your diploma, so it can be evaluated
  • If your Bachelor’s degree is not in a business-related field - don’t worry, you can still get a Nexford’s MBA, although first you’ll have complete four foundation courses before proceeding with the MBA core courses.

For further details, please talk to our admissions team by contacting

At Nexford, we make translating your transcripts and diplomas easy. We offer an in-house translation service. This simplifies the process for you, so you can concentrate on finding your documents. Just leave the translation to us.

English Proficiency

To be considered for admission as English Language Proficient to the Nexford University MBA program, applicants must complete one (1) of the following:

  1. Provide Nexford with: a. an official transcript from a college or university
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in English language by achieving at least a minimum passing score on an approved English qualification exam within the past two years, by submitting an official score report during the admission process. (see Minimum Score Required for English Proficiency)

Note: Admission Officers may request alternative supporting materials that might assist the university in certifying the applicant’s English proficiency status. All outcomes based on the supporting materials provided, will remain within the learners record according to the university records retention policy.


You may want to submit a resume to help us to personalize your learning path.

View general admission requirements

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Will Nexford have a graduation ceremony?

Yes! We know that graduation is a time to celebrate your success with your friends, family and loved ones. Nexford will run local (in certain countries) and global graduation ceremonies, and plans to host a US graduation in the future too.

What makes Nexford so affordable?

Affordability is in our mission: we want you to access high-quality, online education, no matter where you live in the world.

We are a mission-driven organization and a Public Benefit Organization (PBC). That means we're for-profit, but we prioritize public benefit every time.

I’d like to read the application Terms and Conditions

You have almost completed your application! Before you sign and submit the required documentation, the below statements will help you understand the next steps of your admission to Nexford University (NXU).

Your application will shortly be reviewed by the Admissions team. If you are admitted, you will be admitted under one of two types of admission:

Full admission

This will be granted if you have submitted all required documentation, the documents have been reviewed and accepted by our admissions department, and your application meets our admissions criteria.


Provisional admission

We need proof that you completed a Bachelor's degree at an accredited institution in a business-related field. If your degree is in a different field, you will be provisionally accepted into the MBA program until you have successfully completed Nexford University business foundation courses. This step is designed to ensure that you have the necessary business foundations knowledge necessary to succeed in our rigorous MBA program.

If your application is incomplete/incorrect/unreadable, you may only be provisionally admitted. You will be able to begin learning under the status of Accepted Evaluation Pending (AEP) but you will need to provide all necessary documentation within 60 days in order to be granted full admission.

Once enrolled, you can still complete courses under the Accepted Evaluation Pending status. If you do not provide the documentation within the required timeframe, you will not receive academic credit for any completed course(s) and will instead be eligible for a non-degree certificate of completion. This certificate can be evaluated for possible credit if you are accepted into an NXU program in the future.

Please note that if any information you provide is determined to be inaccurate or misleading, the university reserves the right to unenroll you from the course and either place you in a different course or nullify your application.

By submitting the application, you agree to us collecting any missing official transcripts and diplomas from your previous learning institution(s). Click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Will employers in my country recognize programs offered by Nexford University?

Nexford graduates are just as qualified as any traditional university degree holder, and they’re also likely to have more relevant competencies. The kind that modern employers urgently require. Our academic programs are designed based on industry and employment needs. We align with real employers to equip you with the skills to thrive in today’s workplace.

If you’ll like to get your Nexford degree authenticated, please request an ‘official true copy of the credentials’ you’d like to have authenticated from Once you receive the copy, follow the process outlined here by the US State Department to get them authenticated for use in your home country.

Nexford can also handle the authentication process on your behalf for a non-refundable processing fee of US$100. For this service, please contact us at

In some cases, you may also need to get your credentials authenticated by your country’s embassy in Washington, DC. To find out, you will have to check with your country’s embassy in Washington, DC.

Once you receive our authenticated documents, Nexford is unable to help with any further authentication in your home country. You’ll need to handle any local processes on your own.

If you need assistance, please contact the Nexford registrar at

Can I transfer credits to Nexford?

Not yet. We built Nexford from scratch and our curriciulum is based on the latest industry insights. That's why we can't accept credit transfer applications right now.

Can I transfer credits to another university?

Want to transfer your Nexford credits elsewhere? Each university or institution has it's own credit transfer policy, so we recommend contacting them directly.

If you've taken a Nexford course or certificate, you may also be able to transfer those credits to a full degree – ask us how!

What's the application fee?

When you apply, you'll pay a one-off fee of $20, which allows us to process your application.

Can I apply for an MBA if I don't have a university degree?

You'll need an undergraduate degree to apply for the MBA program. Nexford University accept applications globally. We understand that your qualification may not specifically say that you hold a bachelor's degree in your country, but it may be equivalent to a US Bachelor's degree. We'll be happy to have your credential reviewed! Get in touch with our Admissions team to know if you are qualified:


However, your degree or qualification doesn't need to be in business.


If you have a degree in another discipline, you'll take four 6-8 week Business Foundation courses. Here, you'll learn the baseline business skills you need for our broader MBA. Upon successful completion, start taking MBA core courses.


If you have studied business before, you'll enter straight into the MBA and start taking your core courses.

What is the university experience at Nexford like?

Nexford's learning experience is unlike any other. Think engaging, interactive online learning that helps you gain the skills you need – fast.

The online learning environment contains everything you need to learn at Nexford. It's where you'll take courses, chat with peers and faculty, submit assignments, receive feedback, and track your grades. It's also where you'll manage your enrollment, add courses, and pay your tuition.

The first thing you'll see when you log in is your dashboard: all the courses you're enrolled in, and easy links for everything else. Click around and explore: it's interactive so you can get the best results.

Overwhelmed? Don't be! You'll get a full tour of the learning environment during orientation week. You're in safe hands with us.

Do you have a physical campus?

We're 100% online, so we don't have a campus! Our learners are our priority, which means we let you invest in your future – not a costly campus. (Affordability is our biggest mission!)

Do I need relevant work experience before I can apply for Nexford’s MBA?

No. Relevant work experience is helpful, but not required.

To apply for an MBA, check out our graduate admission requirements.

Can I get credit for my work experience?

We’re a brand new university, born different and designed to enhance higher education. Our core aim is to bridge career ambitions with academic programs that will help you achieve your goals. At this stage, we won’t be awarding credit for past work experience. This may change in the near future.

What's required for my application?

All applicants to Nexford’s MBA degree must provide proof that they completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution in a business-related field, or equivalent for international institutions, with a valid copy of their official diploma and transcript. If applicants are not able to provide these documents, they must submit an explanation in writing together with any supporting materials that might assist the university in certifying their graduate status. If you’ve graduated from an institution where the primary language of instruction was English, we will rely on your transcript to prove English proficiency. If your prior education was not in English, we’ll need to confirm English proficiency as part of our process to ensure you’re equipped to succeed at Nexford.

View our full graduate admission requirements.