Operations Digital Transformation

Operations Digital Transformation provides a holistic overview of the capabilities required to adopt digital transformation depending on the industry vertical. You’ll explore the operating model of various industry verticals with core functions specific to each industry vertical and with non-core functions such as service and product management, marketing, sales, customer care, finance and accounting, human resources, and strategy. Learners examine the following required capabilities: people capability, process capability, and tools capability.

Digital transformation people capability includes digital talent acquisition and analytics, agile methodology and collaboration models endorsement, cultural transformation, and employee digital journey. Digital transformation process capability includes five core technologies of intelligent process automation (IPA). Digital transformation tool capability includes horizontal technology enablers such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain.

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Course level

Course level


Course duration

Course duration

max. 8 weeks

Estimated time per week

Estimated time per week

10-15 hours

Course prerequisites

Course prerequisites




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Course credits

Course credits


Relevant jobs

Relevant jobs

Data analysts, Digital transformation leads, Project managers

What will I learn?

Assess digital transformation required capabilities in multiple verticals such as healthcare, retail, education, transportation, telecommunication, manufacturing, financial services, and government

Create a communication framework that mitigates risk within operations digital transformation projects

Measure the cost reduction and revenue uptake resulting from digital transformation across various verticals

Examine the utilization of intelligent process automation to drive process automation in the digital world

Develop a strategy to structure horizontal enabling technology foundations with emerging digital topics such as cybersecurity, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, and blockchain

Develop a roadmap for digital transformation across various verticals

Key Skills

Data analyticsDigital strategyDigital transformationProject managers

How will I learn?

Learning Experience

Your course starts on the first of the month. Each course consists of six modules, each module will take you one week to complete and each course is designed to take you eight weeks to complete. Nexford’s learning design team has purposefully created courses to equip you with competencies mapped to the skills employers are looking for. Each course has 5-7 learning outcomes based on the skills employers need. Everything you learn gives you measurable skills you will use to succeed in today’s world of work.

Nexford courses are not live or recorded lectures. Instead, they’re reading, videos, interactive elements, quizzes and relevant case studies. Programs include assessments, peer-to-peer discussions, and a final project to practice what you’ve learned in a real-world context. Program content is available 24/7 during the course, and you have opportunities for collaboration and networking with learners during and after your program. Our global community of learners work at top companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, and Google.

You'll have 24/7 access to success advisors to support you. Faculty also provide you world-class support. Book appointments with them, get individual feedback, and attend regular optional webinars. Nexford courses are rigorous and they encourage critical thinking - because we care about what you know how to do not what you know you have regular hands-on assessments reflecting the business world.

Course Outline
ModulesAssignment Due Date
1: Digital capabilities for customer facing operational functionDay 10
2: Digital capabilities for product management operational functionDay 17
3: Digital transformation for process capability across various industry verticalsDay 24
4: Digital transformation for support administrative functionsDay 31
5: Digital transformation horizontal enabling technologiesDay 38
6: Business case development for operations digital transformationDay 45 (optional)
7: Final projectDay 51
How will I be graded?

Across the duration of the course, you will undertake five Formative Assessments and one Final Project.

The summative assessment is your final project and achieving a passing grade on this assessment is required to pass the course. The minimum passing grade at Nexford University is a C or above. (70% or above).

Grading Scale
Grading Weights
A 90%-100%Module Assignments30%
B 80%-89%
C70-79%Final Project Milestones30%
IIncompleteFinal Project40%
What will I get after completing the course?

You'll get real skills you can use at work, straight away. At the end of each course, you'll also get a digital badge that you can put on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills.

Once you've taken one course, you can take more. Using stacked credentials, you’re able to take enough courses to make a certificate, and take enough certificates to build a degree.

If you apply for a Nexford certificate or degree, you'll get credit for each course you take.

What support will I receive?

When you have a dedicated team on your side, you'll never be alone studying at Nexford. Hailing from many different countries and with online education expertise, our faculty provides you world-class support. Ask them questions during one-to-one office hours or live chat , email them any time, and get individual feedback on your assessments.

Whilst you’re learning, you’ll also have full access to the free Nexford online library, which includes access to millions of full-text articles, industry reports and key sources such as the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and The Economist.

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