Get your Nexford MBA recognized by CMI


Recognized by CMI

Nexford is a recognized member of the Chartered Management Institute. CMI is a chartered membership body dedicated to professional managers and leaders. It is the only chartered body in the UK that awards management and leadership qualifications. Nexford's MBA is recognized by CMI.

Currently there are roughly 12,000 Chartered Managers globally, of which 75% reported a pay increase or promotion following their qualification. Secure your raise by having your Nexford MBA recognized by CMI.

CMI benefits

Nexford’s partnership with CMI enables our learners to subscribe to become members of CMI, and to receive a certificate of recognition.  By joining CMI you will get the following benefits: 

  • Your MBA degree will be recognized by CMI in full alignment with their professional leadership and management standards.
  • For the full duration of your MBA program, you will have exclusive access to:
    • CMI’s online resource portal, Management Direct, which includes more than 20,000 pieces of curated management and leadership content 
    • CMI’s mentoring service, which connects you to a global network of senior managers and leaders
    • CMI’s Career Development Centre, which provides numerous tools to help you launch or enhance your employability
    • CMI events and webinars, which connect you with the latest tendencies in business and management
    • CMI job search engine — returning jobs across every locale

A Nexford MBA prepares you for the CMI qualification by teaching you the skills required to take it. To receive the CMI qualification you’ll need to pass an assessment from CMI upon completing your MBA. Once CMI qualified, you’ll get a diploma.

Subscribing to CMI requires a one-time payment of $185. Subscription is effective until you graduate from Nexford. 


A CMI membership costs $185 for Nexford MBA learners. They have access to the CMI platform from the date they applied as a member to 1 year after they've graduated.

It’s super easy. You can either speak to your Success Advisor or fill out this form and a Success Advisor will be in touch with the next steps!

At this time, the membership is currently only available to MBA learners. We are working hard to make CMI available to our BBA learners so you can benefit from the resources as well. Please stay tuned!

If you have graduated from Nexford, you can no longer subscribe to CMI through us. Instead, you can apply for membership directly through CMI.

Only Nexford alumni who apply to be CMI members prior to graduating will get their degrees certified by CMI.

After you finish your MBA, you can apply to become a Charted Manager through CMI’s Qualified route. Visit CMI's website for more information.

A CMI membership is different from being a Charted Manager. If you subscribe to CMI through Nexford, you are an affiliate member. On the other hand, a Charted Manager is a professional recognition and status.

If you have further questions about CMI, you can speak to your Success Advisor or contact CMI.

Once you complete the degree, your membership access (through Nexford) will expire 1 year after you’ve graduated. After that, you can continue the membership outside of Nexford at a special discounted rate for graduates.

For more details, you can speak to your Success Advisor or contact CMI.

If you have more questions about CMI or your CMI membership, you can either speak to your Success Advisor or contact CMI through their enquiry form.