Online Data Analytics Bootcamp

Transform your life and access high-paying global jobs with a world-class Data Analytics bootcamp, delivered by Thinkful, in collaboration with Nexford University.

  • Study 100% online for as little as $320/mo for Nexford learners (average total cost of $1920)

  • Become a confident data professional - Master skills in SQL, Python & data visualization

  • Earn a certificate of completion to show employers


Become a data analytics professional in just 6 months

The Data Analytics Bootcamp program is delivered by THINKFUL, a Chegg® service, in collaboration with Nexford University. Delivered over the course of 6 months, as an aspiring analytics professional you’ll learn the core skills of data analysis, data visualization, and data storytelling to drive successful business outcomes — through a combination of guided learning, labs, and exercises. This program is not for credit.

Data Analytics Online Bootcamp: Overview

Program Length

Graduate with a certificate of completion in 6 months


Part-time (15+ hours/week)


100% online learning with guided learning, labs, and exercises


As little as $320/month (average total cost of $1920)

A world-class learning partnership with THINKFUL

Nexford is an American university with US accreditation from DEAC, based in Washington DC. It is recognized by CMI, Quality Matters, and the NSLS. The Data Analytics Boot camp program is delivered in collaboration with THINKFUL, a Chegg® service. Founded in 2012, THINKFUL is based in New York with students across the globe.

Why choose a Nexford & Thinkful program?

of alumni surveyed stated that they would recommend Nexford

of Thinkful graduates report being hired within 180 days

of Nexford grads are on track for a positive return on investment


Employed Thinkful US-based grads report an average salary increase of $17,000pa

“Everything I picked up at Thinkful has been useful immediately, and there were people there (at Home Depot) — analysts there — who’ve been there for three years and didn’t know the things I knew coming in. If you can excel in what you learn during the program, you can hit the ground running and make an impression immediately.”

Zach Berman, Data Analytics Graduate

Data Analytics Boot Camp Curriculum

The Data Analytics bootcamp trains aspiring data analysts and analytics professionals in the core skills of raw data analysis, data visualization, and data storytelling to drive successful business outcomes. Learners enter from many backgrounds and industries and leave with training on the fundamental skills needed to enter the growing field of data analytics and advance their professional growth.

You’ll need at least 15 hours per week to dedicate to the bootcamp for 6 months (with weekly deadlines) — and all learning is 100% online.

This program covers 3 high-level objectives:

Mastering data analytics tools

Storytelling and data visualization

Incorporating programming into data analytics

Course 1: Excel and SQL Essentials

Learn to use essential data analytics tools like Excel and SQL to conduct basic data analysis using functions, filtering, and numeric commands.

Modules include:

  • Excel functions and formulas
  • Excel data formatting and cleaning
  • SQL query basics
  • SQL commands

How you’ll apply these skills: You’ll apply data analytics concepts to create visualizations such as bar charts and scatterplots. Build from this base knowledge to interpret visualizations and make recommendations on the data. Finally, integrate data visualization into PowerPoint, including best practices for presentations.

Course 2: Data Visualization Essentials

You’ll then build upon the basics of data analytics through visualizing data using Excel, Tableau, and PowerPoint.

Modules include:

  • Visualization types
  • Excel visualizations
  • Tableau visualizations
  • Interpreting visualizations and making recommendations
  • PowerPoint presentations

How you’ll apply these skills: You’ll then make use of these foundational data analytics skills through Excel and SQL. Learn to manage spreadsheets, utilize functions for calculations, clean and organize data in Excel. Then, learn core querying techniques in SQL and apply these to data manipulation.

Course 3: Python Essentials

Explore programming for data analytics using Python.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to programming for data analytics
  • Python programming basics
  • Manipulating data with pandas
  • Visualizing data with seaborn and matplotlib

How you’ll apply these skills: You’ll understand data analytics can be used to optimize work and identify relevant programming languages


You’ll then be a fully fledged Data Analytics graduate — and receive a certificate of completion which looks similar to this. You’ll also be able to attend Nexford’s 2024 US Graduation ceremony in Washington DC, so you can celebrate your achievements with your fellow alumni!

Data Analytics Careers

Data Analytics is more than a job – it’s an entire career field for millions of people around the world. As a graduate of the Data Analytics bootcamp online program, relevant jobs might include:

Data Analyst

Use data to acquire information about specific topics, then interpret & visualize this data to provide business insights

Database Administrator (DBA)

Ensures that data is accessible in an efficient manner, at any time

Data Scientist

Use analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets, then develop data-driven solutions to business challenges

Business Analyst / BI Analyst

Examines sets of data to make informed business decisions. Almost all companies can benefit from a business analyst

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