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A Nexford degree is designed for leaders, not followers. The world is going digital and opportunities are no longer limited by physical borders. Your degree should prepare you for this world, not yesterday’s. It should be fit for purpose, maximize your employability and open up future opportunities.

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A Nexford Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is proof that you’ve got what it takes to hit the ground running. It tells employers that you’ve got the right skills for today’s global workplace. We analyzed more than 30 million job vacancies and surveyed industry leaders who employ more than 2.5 million people worldwide to help you develop the capabilities that top organizations want.

As well as a rock-solid grounding in business, you'll gain more than just a degree at Nexford. You'll earn valuable credentials as you go. Watch our video to find out what you get. With a strong foundation in the fundamentals, you’ll be able to draw on your knowledge and skills as you progress. If you want to pursue an BBA at Nexford, you’ll also be on the right academic track.

BBA graduates in the US make a median salary of $45,130 per year right after graduating

Source: PayScale

Future-proof your skills: specialize

Why not launch your career with expertise in a particular area? Automation, digital platforms, and innovations are changing the nature of work. Nexford's specialization options are a response to new categories of jobs and emerging trends.

Choose from 360 Marketing, Digital Transformation, Building a Tech startup, Product Management, Business Analytics, Supply Chain and E-Commerce, AI and the Future of Automation, Doing Business in EMEA & Australia, and Doing Business Across Emerging Markets. If you select one specialization, you'll graduate with knowledge in a specific field of expertise. You'll be set for tomorrow.

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Do you want to advance to managing projects? Perhaps you have entrepreneurial goals?

Develop the essential business skills you need to prepare for management or even launch your own business.

Imagine where an BBA in Business at Nexford could take you. Here are just some example career routes, based on extensive analysis of hiring needs.