About your role

On Nexford Network: Nexford's Facebook Unofficial Community Group, you’ll:

  • Post once a week to spark conversations
  • Reply to questions from other users (we’ll guide you – but use your own words and draw on your experiences)
  • Like or react to all new posts to help create a lively page.

What you get

Enough about us! Here’s what’s in it for you. As a thanks for your amazing support, you’ll get:

  • A profile on Nexford's blog, NXU Insights
  • A membership to National Society of Leadership and Success: get leadership training, partner discounts, social events, access to inspiring speakers and more
  • A recommendation on your LinkedIn profile from the Nexford team
  • A "volunteering at Nexford" feature on LinkedIn
  • Mentorship from our marketing team
  • An invite to Nexford’s affiliates program: earn money when you refer and enroll new learners.

Plus the chance to inspire others to learn at Nexford!

The fine print

  • Your contract will last for four months from the date of this agreement. If you need to terminate your contract you must provide 15 days' notice – and we reserve the right to do the same
  • When you join the Facebook Group, you'll need to accept the guidelines. Nexford is an inclusive, welcoming space, and we want ambassadors to uphold our values.

Your Nexford representatives: Anna Johnston and Mai Elkelish

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